Actor Hayes Hargrove Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend and Net Worth

Actor Hayes Hargrove Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend and Net Worth

Hayes Hargrove is very well known for his comedy and acting. He is able to pull the attention of his audience and impress them with his works in films like Slaphappia, Starfish & Superfish and Beyond the Pale. The movie Starfish & Superfish was released in 2010, Slaphappia was released in 2014 and Beyond the Pale in 2007 respectively. His latest movie was Slaphappia, which was a hit. Hayesh was a married guy, he was married to Kristen Wiig in year 2005. They were happy together but after four years of marriage  they split up. There has not been any strong evidence for why they split up. The couple filed a divorce in 2009. Kristen Wiig was far more bigger celebrity than him.

Kristen is a well known face in Hollywood and she celebrates her birthday in August 22. She is 42 years old by now and she has an average height of five feet and 5 inches. Her work is very much appreciated by her viewers and co-workers. She is also a talented comedian and producer. She has directed several movies and played in many. She is very well known for her comedy series Saturday Night Live. This series impressed many audience and everyone appreciated her work. this series was started in 2005 and finally it ended in 2012. Some of the movies she has played are Firl Most Likely, Despicable Me, Knocked Up. among this movies Despicable Me was an animated film series very popular for its tiny yellow and cute characters called Minions. Her film Knocked Up was released in 2007 and similarly Girl Most Likely in 2013. Despicable Me was one of the hit animated movies she has done.

Born in New York, she was brought up in Rochester, New York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States of America. She has done her studies on field of arts in University of Arizona. Her television debut was Groundlings. A comedy troupe Groundlings was the first series she began to work with. She is also nominated and famos fro her supporting role in movies like  Paul and Adventure and Whip it.

fro her supporting role in movies like  Paul and Adventure and Whip it. Beside acting and comedy she has also wrote screenplay  for  Bridesmaids. Bridesmaids was a sucessful movie and got very well reviews by the critics. Her hard works didnot went in vain, she is nominated with seven Emmy Awards nominations. Her screenplay was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay. She also was nominated for her work in Bridesmaids as Best Actress Musical or Comedy nomination. Her approximate net worth is $16 million, fans can find her biography in Wikipedia and her biography is very inspiring for single mothers.

After Hayes got divorce he did not left wowing his audience with his comic timings. Hayes has achieved his success and these days he is working for ORVILLE REDENBACHERS as a spokesman. His most recent theater act is Roadhouse the Musical, where he worked along with Tom Lenk and Chaz Bono.  He has also hosted UCB Theater's signature show Asssscat. He worked alongside Amy Poehler in this show. Hayes is very busy these days as he has introduced Andy Dick, Bobcat Goldwait and Maria Bamford in previous years to his audience opening them. He is one of the most loves standup comedians in United States. This standup comedian has also shown up in ART HOUSE and STARLIGHT & SUPERFISH. He worked alongside Lggy Pop and Greta Gerwig in Art House. He shared his stage Wendi McLandon Covey in Starlight & Superfish.

Some fake gossips and rumors were made about him being a gay but they went out baseless and cunnings. He has a partner in recent and her name is Katherine Von Till. Hayes has a smart personality and he is very good loking man. It's guessed he would look a lot hotter and sexy shirtless. For more detail information about Hayes Hargrove fans can follow him in his Twitter account, His photos and events are posted in his Facebook and Instagram account.

Quick Facts of Hayes Hargrove

Birth Date N/A
Nationality American
Profession Standup Comedian and Actor
Works for TV Shows and Movies
Wife Kristen Wiig (d.2009)
Married Yes
Divorce Yes
Girlfriend Katherine Von Till (not official)
Is Gay/Lesbian ? No
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $16 million (estimated)
Height 1.65m
Weight N/A
Children/Kids N/A
Movies played Starfish & Superfish (2010), Slaphappia (2014), Beyond the Pale (2007), Art House
Tv-Shows Late Night with Conan O'Brien