Charles Boyer Bio, Wiki, Married, Net Worth and Death

Charles Boyer Bio, Wiki, Married, Net Worth and Death

            Charles Boyer was a French actor born on 28 August 1899 and died on 26 August 1978. He was a French actor who appeared in more than 80 films between the year of 1920 and 1976. He was highly praised for his acts in the romantic movies Love Affair, The Garden of Allah, Algiers as well as a thriller- Gaslight.

            Boyer was born on 28 August 1899 at Figeac, Lot, France. The name of his parents was Augustine Louise Durand and Maurice Boyer. There is no information regarding his family and siblings. He was a shy and a small-town boy who discovered the movies and the theatre at the age of 11. He has also performed the comic sketches for soldiers while working as a hospital orderly during World War I. He went to the capital city to finish his further education but spent most of his time in shaping his theoretical career. In the stage production, he won the leading role replacing the other man in 1920 and there he scored an immediate hit. He was also seen in French adaptation Liliom and he began to amass public favor. He got his first Hollywood leading role in the Caravan alongside Loretta Young. Later, he appeared in the psychiatric drama Private Words. In the 1920s, he not only played a suave and sophisticated ladies' man on the stage but also appeared in many silent films. His vocal style was also parodied on the famous Tom and Jerry cartoons, most notably when Tom was trying to woo a female cat.

Buyer’s career lasted longer than that of any other romantic actors, winning him the nickname "the last of the cinema's great lovers.

romantic actors, winning him the nickname "the last of the cinema's great lovers. He had recorded a laid-back album called Where Does Love Go, in the year 1966. It consisted of famous love songs sung with his distinctive deep voice and French accent. He has also got an award for an Honorary Oscar Certificate for "progressive cultural achievement", in 1943, in establishing the French Research Foundation. He has also got many other awards and also got nominated for the Oscar. In 1930’s, he was the star of the Hollywood Playhouse on NBC, but he left in 1939 "for war service in France. Boyer always preferred a program in which he could develop a permanent characterization.

            Talking about his personal life, Boyer was married to the beautiful actress Pat Paterson whom he met at the dinner party. Later, she died from cancer. Their marriage lasted for 44 years until his wife died. He did not have children but his only child, Michael Charles Boyer died due to committing suicide. Boyer died on 26th of August, 1978 at the age of 78 in Phoenix, Arizona due to the commitment of suicide. There is no much information regarding his love affairs. We can’t tell if he had a girlfriend or not but we can surely say that this handsome was very happy with his married life

The handsome Boyer had been paid a handsome amount of salary for all of her endeavors in the film sector. His net worth has been assumed to be almost 87 million dollars. To find out more, one can refer to his bio, wiki.