Christopher Jones Wiki, Age, Girlfriend or Gay

Christopher Jones Wiki, Age, Girlfriend or Gay

5.8” tall An American satage,movie, and television actor, William Franklin Jones,better knowns as Christopher jones.His birth name was william Franklin Jones.He was born in August 1941 in Jackson,Tennessee,where his father was a grocery clerk and his mother Robbie was  a visual artist.In 1945 Jones father admitted his mother Robbie to the state hospital in Bolivar,Tennessee, for holding a gun to his head after he was caught being unfaithful.Jones mother(Robbie Jones) remained captive at the mental hospital until her death,in 1960. His mother died when he was 19.ChristopherJones father (J.G  Jones) was unable to care for his two sons so,he sent Christopher jones to live with his aunt in mississippi.Once again,in 1947 Jones was reunifyed with is bother Robert.Jones and his brother were then placed in boys town in Memphis, where he became a fan of James  Dean(jimmy dean) after being told he bore  alikeness to him.To change his dissatisfaction from the regimented life he found abhorrent,jones turned to drawing.His artistic ability was very impressive,that impressed Joe stockton Executive Director of Boys Town and he obtained a scholarship for him to study at an art school.He joined the military,but went AWOL and after serving a 6 month sentence in military prison in Governor's island in New york and after being discharged he remained in New York where he began his acting career.

Jones adopted the stage name as christopher jones  and made his Broadway performance  on December 17,1961, in Tennessee williams’s “The Night of the Iguana”,which was directed by Frank corsaro and starring Shelley Winters. The play turned out to be very popular,and during the run of 316 performances,he became close friends with co-star Shelly Winters.Christopher and Shelly winters  hung around New York with James Farentino,who also was in the cast, While dining with shelly Winters and James Farentino he met Susan Strasberg ,who was going to be his future wife.It was ShellyWinters,a student  of her(Susan Strasberg) father’s Acting Studio classes,who made the introduction after Jones told her, “I’m going to marry her”.The relationship between Christopher  Jones and Susan Strasberg highten after he was admitted to Lee Strasberg’s Actor Studio as an observer in 1961.Despite friction between Jones and her father during the acting classes,Christopher jones and Susan strasberg began a long-term affair that in the end led to their marriage.

that in the end led to their marriage.At the age of 24 in 1965 He ended up marrying  acting coach Lee Strasberg’s daughter,Susan Strasberg who was an actress too.In 1966 they had a daughter and named her Jennifer Robin Jones as a tribute to actress “Jennifer jones”also known as Jennifer Jones Simon.The relationship was bothered by jones’s jealousy behaviour,which sometime turned to roughness.

Moving to Hollywood, jones was cast in the title role of ABC’s television series “The Legend of Jesse James”Which was created by Samuel Peeples for 20th Century Fox,which ran for 34 episodes in the 1965-1966 season.When the series ended,he accepted the title role in the movie “Chubasco”which was directed and Written by Allen H. Miner in 1967 .Susan Strasberg was cast as his character’s lover/wife but they separated after the shooting was over.Their relationship did not long lasted so,in 1968 they were divorced.

Christopher Jones retired from his acting career, living off the $1 million fortune he had cumulated during his acting years.Christopher Jones began a relationship with Carrie Abernathy in 1974,and she gave birth to his son,and named him Christopher Jones junior, in 1975.It was a major moment in his life as he derived great satisfaction from being a father.Jones quit his acting career and Lived quietly in the San Fernando Valley,Jones devoted his life to his new family and to painting.His relationship with Carrie Abernathy ended in 1980,but again he was in love with Paula McKenna.From 1984 to 1994 they lived together and had four children.Delon Jones,Tauer Jones,Calin Jones,and Seagen Jones and Jeromy McKenna.

In 1994 christopher jones was offered the part of zed in movie “Pulp Fiction” by the Director Quentin Tarantino but Jones rejected his offer.

In 1996 jones was offered a small role in crime comedy movie "Mad Dog Time"directed and written by Larry Bishop,who was his friend and appeared in the movie“Wild in the streets”1968 which was Jones's first movie.He accepted the role and this was his final appearance in screen after he retired in 1968.He had a career as an artist(oil painting) and sculptor In his later years.  

On January 31st,2014 at the age of 72 he died due to the problem arise from gallbladder cancer.his works included an oil painting of Rudolph Valentino that was kept for exhibition at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.