Gaten Matarazzo Wiki, Bio, Age and Net Worth

Gaten Matarazzo Wiki, Bio, Age and Net Worth

In the show business very less people has the luck to achieve  success in less time. One of the actor who achieve success in less time is Gaten Matarazzo. He is not only talented but his age is just  14.  When people of his age are busy playing video games and hanging with friends, he is stealing the hearts of many people by his awesome performance. The actor with curly hair has an adorable smile  that no one can resist. He has acted in the shows like The Blacklist, Stranger Things. His stage performance includes Priscilla, Queen of The Desert and Les Miserables.

Gaten is a talented actor born on 2002. It makes his age just 14.  He is from New Jersey, USA.But the fan following that he has created with his powerful acting is much larger than his age. Gaten has managed both his acting and his studies with a wonderful balance. His parents are Heather Matarazzo  and Gaten Matarazzo Sr. Heather is his mother but she is not actress Heather and Gaten Sr is his father  So, he is Gaten Matarazo Jr. He has two siblings Sabrina and Carmen. His both siblings are talents and cute like him as they also acted in TV commercials.  However, his smile does not let us remind of his health disorder that he is suffering from. He is suffering from cleidocranial dysplasia. It is  a disease which causes delay development of bones. It is a condition when people are born without their collar bones. The handsome actor has also mentioned this condition  in the show Stranger Things when the character that he was portraying was bullied.  Gaten started his career with Broadway production Priscilla, Queen of the desert.

Gaten started his career with Broadway production Priscilla, Queen of the desert. Later, he went on to play the in TV shows The Blacklist, Stranger Things. He has also performed in the stage show Les Miserables. He gained popularity for his role as Dustin Henderson in Stranger Things.

Gaten is powerhouse of acting with charming personality. His smile and curly hair makes him so adorable that that woman of every age is attracted to this cute little boy. However, Gaten has termed that he is too young to be involved in a relationship. When the time is right he will want to date a beautiful girl. The decision of Gaten is well regarded as Gaten has shown maturity in it. Gaten has learned  some tricks to be connected with his fans as well even though he does not has a girlfriend. He maintains twitter and facebook accounts where he shares his experience and thoughts with his fans time to time. His has twenty six thousand followers in twitter which shows his level of popularity. His facebook account contains 18 thousand likes which he has achieved in such a short span of his career. Gaten seems to give tough competition to his older commentaries at this rate. Gaten has shared the screen  most of the time with the actress Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger actress.

The dashing handsome Gaten has height of 4 inch 6 inch. The young actor i his teens has not only gained large fan following but a big net worth of 100 thousand millions dollars. The little boy has some really amazing charm in him. His biography can be found in many wiki sites.