Harrison Gilberston Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay

Harrison Gilberston Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay

The charming and super cute Harrison Gilbertson was born in the year 1993 on  29 June  in Adelaide ,Australia. He is an Australian actor. His parents are Julie Sloan and Brian Gilbertson. He has one sibling and his name is Bridget Gilberston.  He looks extremely super cute when he smiles as dimple on his cheeks  can make any girl fall in love with him. His ethnicity is white.

He is one of those actor who has started his career in early  stage. He is not only cute but hot too. His  fans  especially  female fans go crazy when he go shirtless and shows his hot and sexy body. He is tall and  handsome man with extreme  personality. His fans might see him  shirtless in his upcoming scripts.

At very early stage of six  he started his career  when he played  the role of  Sorrow in the local production of Madama  Butterfly. He made his second debut in 2002 where he played a role of Greggy in Australian Rules. As slowly he began to climb his stairs of success by doing many films like: Accidents Happen in 2009 , Blessed in 2009 , Beneath  Hill 60 in 2010 ,  What's  Wrong with Virginia in 2010 , Conspiracy 365  in 2012 , Haunt in 2013 , The Turning in 2013 , My Mistress in 2014 , Need  for Speed in 2014 , Fallen in 2016 and his upcoming movie is  coming soon yet the shooting is not completed. He also have received  many awards and have  been nominated many times in his young age.

 many awards and have  been nominated many times in his young age. He was nominated for  Young  Actor in Australian Film Institute  Awards for Beneath Hill 60 and he won the  award too.

He has lots of fan following in social networking sites too. He is active in many social sites like : Twitter and  Instagram. He has more than 15 thousand followers in his Twitter account and he personally Tweeted several times. He loves and take care of his fans as he keep on posting in Instagram too and keep on updating about his life and upcoming  projects. Several information about him and his biography  can also be obtained from many wiki sites like : Wikipedia  and  other.

His parents are very proud of him as their son has been one of the successful  actor and they  look forward to see him climbing the ladder of success in his upcoming days  and make them more proud. His networth is not actually revealed but we are sure he earn  handsome wealth and live  a cozy life which he worth it.

His relationship status is not yet revealed  and it's obvious that he is not gay neither he have a girlfriend but nothing can be said accurately as he never talked about his sexual preferences. He is very good looking man and he can date any women but seems he has not yet found  his soulmate and is not dating . We just hope we could hear some good news about him and he find the girl he wanted to live with.