Jean Paul Belmondo Wiki, Bio, Married, Age and Net Worth

Jean Paul Belmondo Wiki, Bio, Married, Age and Net Worth

One of the most talented actors France has ever produced, Jean Paul Belmondo still has that charisma that makes the heart beat faster. The actor is known for his jaw-dropping role in Breathless, Two Women. He has several films in his basket that made him the handsome actor in 1960’s. But the story does not end here; Jean is a daring actor who did bold action stunts in films without any fear. Later, the actor turned producer with films like Fear over the City, Stavisky.

Jean Paul Belmondo Short Bio/Wiki

Jean was born on April 9, 1933, which makes him 74 years old. As for Jean's parents, his father was a French sculptor Paul Belmondo in Seine, France but nothing is much known about his mother. Young Jean was more interested in boxing and soccer during his childhood. Boxing gave him courage and strength which he used in performing stunts in his movie career. He gave up boxing and started a new journey in movies. He did his studies from a private drama company Conservatoire of Dramatic Arts. Jean had also served as a private officer in Algeria during his compulsory military service for six months.

Career and Profession

After spending few years in boxing, Jean ventured into acting by doing small roles in films like Be Beautiful But Shut Up, Young Sinners, An Angel On Wheels. But it was in the role in Breathless that made him an international star. His acting career started to flourish with films like Trapped by Fear, Letters By a Novice, Seven Days Seven Night. His career took him to an extreme level when he started doing action stunts by himself in That Man from Rio. The handsome actor produced a few films like Fear Over The City, Stavisky. Jean’s look had the accurate dose of youth and manliness that made him a huge star.

accurate dose of youth and manliness that made him a huge star. Jean's style gave him a good reputation in French film industry.  It was an unfortunate day in  2001 when Jean suffered a stroke that made him absent from movie for few years. His hiatus ended when he appeared in A Man and His Dog. Jean mentioned that he is not active in films like before but it’s the immense love from fans that he liked being part of films whether it’s acting or producing. The French actor is also investing in stocks, property, restaurants from few years.

Relationship and Married Life

So far, Jean has been in many affairs. The dating history of Jean has made headlines whether it’s his marriage or break up. Jean married Elodie Constantin in 1952. The couple enjoyed a blissful married life and had three children Patricia, Florence, and Paul. Unfortunately, Patricia was killed in the fire. The happy married life turned bad when the couple separated in 1967. Soon he had a girlfriend, Swiss actress Ursula Andress in 1965. The couple dated for 7 years and broke up in 1972. Italian actress Laura Antonelli became his girlfriend in 1972. After two years of dating, the relationship ended in 1980. In 2002, Jean married French actress Nathalie Tardivel after few years of dating. The couple had a child born in 2003. As hid former relationships, this relationship also cannot maintain its charm and end with a divorce in 2008. It is rumored that Jean is dating a former Playboy model Barbara Gandolfi.

How much is Jean-Paul Belmondo’s net worth?

Jean’s career span involved acting in films, theatre and producing. In a career span of 50 years, Jean has gained name, fame and huge bank balance. Jean’s was receiving an amount of 150000 to 200000 dollars per film in his peak of career. According to People with Money Jean is one of the highest paid actors in 2017.Jean’s hard work and dedication earned him an estimated net worth of 215 million dollars. It’s all thanks to his smart decisions in acting, producing and business ventures.