Ted Levine Wiki, Married, Wife, Divorced and Gay

Ted Levine Wiki, Married, Wife, Divorced and Gay

Levine was born on May 29 in 1957. This makes his age 59 years old as of 2016. At this age, Levine has been able to establish himself as a successful and established actor and has been able to achiever everything in his life he had ever dreamt of. Levine was born in Bellaire in Ohio which is located in the United States of America. As Levine was born in America, his nationality is American. Similarly, his ethnicity is white. Levine is not much of a tall guy. He has a typical height of 5 feet and 11 inches.

Levine was born to his parents, Charlotte Virginia and Milton Dmitri Levine. Both of his parents were doctors and served as a contributor of Physicians for Social Responsibility. His father is of Russian Jewish descent and his mother is from Welsh ancestory. Levine spent most of his childhood in Oak Park in Illinois. He studied at Malboro College during 1975. He also joined Chicago Theatre Scene and later joined the Remains Theatre. After working in several theatres, Levine started performing several roles in films and television shows.

Levine has performed in a lot of movies and tv shows till now. He is best known for his performance as Buffalo Bill in the movie, The Silence of the Lambs and also in the television series Monk as Captain Leland Stottlemeyer. He has also performed as Mr. Dunston in the movie known as Nowhere to Run (1993), as General McGrath in the popular film entitled Wild Wild West (1999). Levine is also known for his role as the Warden in the thriller Shutter Island (2010). Levine has also performed a lot of roles in several other tv series such as Justice League, The Bridge, The Last Outlaw, Monk, Wonderland and American Playhouse.

Bridge, The Last Outlaw, Monk, Wonderland and American Playhouse. Levine has also performed several shirtless scenes in the past.

Levine may not be the most attractive man in the planet but he has a great personality and acting skills. As of now, Levine is a semi bald guy with blue eyes and a serious face. Levine is also known for his deep and lovely voice and has provided voice work for several tv series till now.

Levine was dating his girlfriend Kim Phillips for quite a long time. The relationship between the couple got deeper and they eventually married each other. Everything is going fine in their marital relationship and they have been together for more than 20 years. In the name of children, the husband and wife also has a son whose name is Mac Levine. It seems like the couple would never divorce each other in the near future. Besides this, Levine has never been involved in any extra marital affair. Many people even consider him gay but this rumour is totally baseless as he has been married and also has a son.

Levine is not much active in social networking sites like twitter, facebook and instagram. It may be so because Levine is quite a busy person and he does not have enough time to give to these social sites. Levine has earned a lot throughout his acting career contributing him to an astounding net worth of 4 million US dollars sufficient to live a comfortable and luxurious life anyone can dream of. For more information regarding Levine’s personal life or biography, you can visit several wiki site in the internet or other several sites like IMDb.