Francesca Annis Wiki, Bio, Husband, Children and Net Worth

Francesca Annis Wiki, Bio, Husband, Children and Net Worth

Francesca Annis is talented English actress. She is popular for her  roles in TV shows as Reckless, Wives and Daughters, Deceit, Cranford. She has been nominated six times for BAFTA TV award. She won BAFTA TV award for best actress for her serial Lillie. She has also acted in films like Krull, Dune, The Debt Collector, The  Libertine. Her information can be found in many wiki sites.

Annis was born in London, England in 1965. It makes her age 71. Her father Lester William Anthony was English where as her mother Mariquita Purcell was Brazilian. Annis’s mother was also an actress. She  got her acting genes from her mother .When she was one year old, she moved  to Brazil and returned to England after six years. She did her schooling in convent school and was trained as a ballet dancer. Annis’s aim was to be a nun while studying in convent school  but she gradually became interested in acting. Annis  started her career when she was 16 years old. Annis got a role in Cleopatra in 1963. Annis experimented herself with various roles. Annis did acting in stage as well in plays like The Comedy of Errors, Romeo And Juliet,Hamlet.  She  also appeared in Reckless, Cranford, Home Fires, A Pin to See The Peephole. The  talented actress won  BAFTA TV Award her role in A Pin to See a Peephole. Annis has got a long list of TV shows. She acted in Lillie, Madame Bovary. Annis has also received British Academy Award for her role as Lily Langtry in Lillie. Annis another famous role is in Macbeth where she has a nude sleepwalking scene which she pulled off easily.

a nude sleepwalking scene which she pulled off easily. She was also applauded for her role in films as Kurll, Dune, The Debt Collector, The Libertine, Hamlet. Annis biography can be found in any wiki sites too.

The hot and successful actress had many admirers too. Annis was dating her then boyfriend photographer  Patrick Wiseman. The relationship began in 1974. They had three children Charlotte, Taran and Andreas. Annis began dating her co-star from Hamlet Ralph Fiennes in 1995. Later, she ended her 23 year relation with Patrick in 1997. The relationship with Ralph was going smooth till 2006. But Annis ended the relationship on 7 February 2006 after 11 years. The reason for separation has been rumoured as Ralph was having an affair with Romanian singer. Though , Annis has been in relationships, she has never been married. So, there is no divorce in her life as she never married.

Annis has not only got brilliant  acting skills but a beautiful body as well. She has got long beautiful legs with a height of 5 feet  4 inch. Even in old age she has maintained a good health. The slim body of Annis shows how she has maintained good health. Annis’s sexy feet and her personality makes her a talented star. Annis has a career in entertainment industry for more than 50 years and still has that charm to attract auidence.Annis has not only achieved fame from her work but she has gained a net worth of 63 million dollars which can make everyone jealous. Annis’s   beauty and grace has only increased as the year passed.