Nicole Curtis Wiki, Husband or Boyfriend, Dating or Married and Net Worth

Nicole Curtis Wiki, Husband or Boyfriend, Dating or Married and Net Worth

Nicole Lynn Curtis was born on 20th August, year 1976 in place called Lake Orion, situated in Michigan, United States of America. This makes her age 39 till the date. She is well known as a famous personality and the television anchor and producer of the show called as Rehab Addict of DIY and HG TV (which is a home renovation show). . 

Talking about her childhood, she spent it with a burst of happiness in Lake Orion and Michigan. Also, about her education she got graduated after completing her high school from the same place in the year 1994. During the school days, she was an active child who took part in many school programs like hosting her school programs, playing hockey and also got into the dance training. Though she likes to keep her personal life secret, according to sources states that Nicole had a boyfriend during her school days . She finished her education from the different colleges in the different places known as Florida, Georgia and Michigan. Before she got graduated she conceived her son named Ethan. At this present moment she is inhabited in a modernized 1904 house located in Detroit. 
She has wide numbers of fan following in her Facebook where about 1,027,322 likes, in Twitter about 127k followers  and in Instagram about 160k followers. Her biography can also be read in some online sites known as Wikipedia, wiki or wikiquicky. Also you can follow her account as Twitter & Facebook page (@nicolecurtis)  and on Instagram(detroitdesign).  According to the sources, she has net worth in the year 2015 about $5 million US dollars hm! keep it going Nicole . She is about 5 feet 3 inches tall. And she holds the weight of 124 pounds which is around 56 kg. She has a thin waist and ideal curves  which her fan finds so attractive.  

The struggling lady has made many achievement in her life which is in fact we can say like a independent strong woman who has left the stone unturned to face the challenges of her life. Also well  known as the successful model who rehabilitate the houses of many places .  She has rehabbed homes in Saint Paul, Minnesota; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Detroit, Michigan; and Akron, Ohio.

Minnesota; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Detroit, Michigan; and Akron, Ohio. Her work centers around pre-World War II homes, and her renovation philosophy is to "restore old homes to their former glory" rather than modernization. She helps in the restoration and protection of the architecture practically. Into the world of renovation, she is highly renowned as the model having charismatic personality. Just say that she has bring her talent out to the world through home development career of the both on and off the screen. As the administrative producer and an anchor of Rehab Addict, she is been able to bring her interest for safeguarding into the houses of Americans by viewing them how to turn previously cluttered residences into useful and safe architectural resources. Her grounding enthusiasm and commitment has resulted in her accomplishment, and she also was making her line as a realtor of rehabbing the old adobes in Minneapolis.

Talking about her personal life she is a proud, independent,strong single mother of a 16 years old son known as Ethan. This story starts when she was pregnant during her college days. She then found out about her baby boy so she decided to get married with Steve Lane. But she has her own opinion where she stated to media that "no one has any rights to comment about the personal life of any lady." Her husband Steve Lane was a musician. But unfortunately, she had a worst experience when they got separated, at that time, she had to waste money and time in the process to get divorced. Today she presents herself as a proud mother who can fight with the problems whenever it occurs in life and manage her personal and professional life equally, every one is proud of her. There is no detail found about her husband or boyfriend till this year 2015 . But, in the month of July year 2015, she announced that she is expecting her second child which was very shocking news for the sources.

Now all we can say is that she is a struggling strong mother and an independent lady who is been able to sum up with her professional and personal life in a perfectly balance manner.