Clash Royale History, Hack Gems, Unlock Legendary Card Hack

Clash Royale History, Hack Gems, Unlock Legendary Card Hack

Clash Royale has completely change the protocol for strategy game in history. It is one of the extensively played games is Clash Royale which has rocketed to the top of the Android and iOS app charts in these past few months. It is a premium mobile strategy video game which was published and developed by super cell. They are renowned for developing popular games which actually feel like games, with some semblance of excitement and strategy with them. Within short span it was able to amassed recognition as it was released worldwide on March 2, 2016. On U.S iOS App store it became the most downloaded game and top-grossing application. It combines multiplayer online battle arena, collectible card games and tower defense.

Talking about its game play, Clash Royale’s maximum level is 13. The players are ranked by the number of trophies and level they have reached. In order to win the match over opponent one has to destroy more towers as compared to opponent or either can win by destroying the opponent's King's Tower which grants three crown victories, this is a plus point. The game begins after the four cards are chosen by both players, these cards are used to defend and attack. In order to play cards the players must have enough elixirs. The number of trophies shows number of victories of player however when one lost the battle trophies can be deducted too. One can increase their level either by donating or upgrading cards. A player can upgrade, collect dozens of cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, Royals: Knights, Princes, Baby Dragons and many more. Once you level up, King's Tower's and the arenas tower hit points and damage increase.

The players can effortlessly purchase gems in the card shops by using the real money. Further these gems can be used to purchase cards and chests from shop or one can obtain a chest by wining in the multiplayer battle. Depending on the types of chest it takes certain time to unlock likely Gold Chests take 8 hours, Magical and Epic Chests take 12 hours, Silver Chests take 3 hours to unlock and Super Magical and Legendary Chests take 24 hours. Well different levels of chest have different level of cards. Mainly there are four level of card rarity; common, rare, epic and legendary. This card rarity has different levels, rare cards have 11 different levels, common with 13 different levels, epic and legendary cards have 8 and 5 different level respectively. Players can battle via nine arenas which contains certain amount of trophies. The players can form a clan and can play a friendly battle with each other. Though if they lose the match they shouldn’t worry about their trophies, losing won’t make their trophies less.

Since its last updates the excitement is fading many players are losing their interest in the game. Though super cell is working hard in big plans as per new update they have come with new 2 special new chests namely epic and legendary chest. The legendary chest contains legendary card from any arena and epic chest contains epic cards. Also we can find four new cards and new tournament modes. Talking about limitations players can slam into walls right and left when trying to make improvement at anything but at ultra-low levels. All in all, Clash Royale is a fun game to play and it doesn’t seem to get disappeared pretty soon.

The craze in this game has lead the average searches of Clash Royale keywords to it's top chart in internet. Here is a snapshot of search result for keywords such as clash royale.


As mentioned earlier, the in app purchase of gems using real money helps a user to purchase cards and unlock a whole new level of troops. Hence, trends for searches such as gems hack and free gems are also very popular.However, you can never receive huge amount of gems or free gems in the game play using certain hacks and resource generator. Instead you account might get permanent banned form the game.  Getting behind the hoax and rumors viewing video proof of these tools wont benifit you in any ways.The game is completely secure, there is no doubt that some glitches are reported lately in game play but it's completely hack proof. 

Upon research we found players who search for these free gems in Clash Royale and hacks for the game are simply redirected into some website where they are asked to take survey for getting gems and unlocking cards. Calling these search in internet won't benift you and reward you free gems, instead you can collect free gems completing the achievements in game such as donation of cards, hosting tournaments etc. 

Though there are some tips and tricks available for the game play via which you can collect gems and unlock cards in decent manner.  A short description in tips and tricks you can use to earn free maximum amount of gems and golds is listed below.

  • Play together, donate your cards among clan members.
  • Open chest box in regular basis.

Let us assume, you are a good player and you play clash royale every day. You must have your own deck that you have mastered on. What are you doing with the remaining cards?? Donate them as much as you can, you wont need them for now anyway.  A regular player  can collect almost 45,600 cards every month just by donating. You must be amazed listening too this, Ok! let me give you the details. You must have known that Clash Royale allows you to donate 240 card slots in a single day. This means you can donate 8 Rare cards and 160 common cards. Now, 8 epic cards gives you 8 * 50 gold and 160 common gives you 160*5 gold.  In this ratio you can collect  like 1600 gold a day. You should not worry about donating your cards as you can get them back when you need by requesting your clan members. 

Apart from this, every time you open a chest you are given certain gold and gems for free. If you can pile up these gems and gold, I am very certain you can utilize it for buying new cards from store and also chests. Here is a complete guide or blueprint for generating gems and gold and unlocking legendary cards in clash royale. This guide also includes a notorious cheat/trick for unlocking legendary cards fast and legit way. I have already unlocked 7 legendary cards and started collecting free gems and gold, when are you starting ?