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Charlotte McKinney first came to spotlight after the Carl’s Jr commercial and has been one of the most wanted and searched women in the media. She can shine bright in media,TV shoes and movies if provided a chance. She also has been compared to Kate Upton because of her success. Her information in wiki sites

Jane Musky the name is famous in itself as a popular production and art designer. She was born in May 27, 1954. She is 65 years of age now although she have spent her half life in Hollywood she never was careless to her family. Jane married to Tony Goldwyn in the year 1989. Jane gave birth to two

Cristy Rice former star of The Real Housewives of Miami was once a single mom raising three kids alone when back in 2011 her married life took a turn and she divorced former NBA stars Glen Rice. This was her role when she came to her first season of The Real Housewives of Miami. Her sad

Adriana De Moura is a famous art dealer, entrepreneur, polyglot, philanthropist and TV personality of United States of America. She is very famous in America and Brazil and mostly known for a role in The Real Housewives. She currently resides in Miami, Florida and is the mother of a wonderful son. She came to this

Christina Aguilera the name itself is enough for introducing her; she is an actress, singer, songwriter and TV personality. Christina was born and raised in both Mormonisma and Catholicism customs. However she is not into any religion but is very spiritual and kind hearted person. Her parents lived on won after filing divorce officially when

Hailey Baldwin is finest model from America. She was born on November 22, 1996. She made a major impression in the modeling life, when she walked in the show at London Fashion Week. She is half American and half Brazilian she is also know as the one who growed in the red carpet. Hailey is

She is a young and energetic women who is bright with passion for fitness and health. She did her bachelors in Health Science because she once struggled with her own weight. Beside fitness and health she loves cooking. She also loves cat, painting and decorating beside fitness. She is none other than Katrina Hodgson, one

Karena Dawn is the most spirited women who has a passion for fitness and heath along with competitive sports, this have always helped her be placed at the forefront of health and fitness industries. She was very enthusiastic since from her early age of 7 while she made her first fitness video as a school

Thomas Sangster a very renowned English actor and musician is an inhabitant of London. He comes from a very well and filmography background as his parents are both actors. He was born to Anastasia ‘Tasha’ Sangster and Mark Ernest Sangster on 16th May 1990. He is currently at his age of  26 and has made

Popularly known as Alpha Sherv, Shervin Roopharvar is an entrepreneur and also a TV personality currently residing in Los Angeles in California. He was brought up in Silicon Valley by his immigrant parents. His parents especially his father taught him everything he knew making him a gentle but hard working man that he is today.