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Henry Cole, the owner of HCA Entertainment, is best known for being the TV Presenter. He has immersed himself in his lifelong passion of motorcycles and is indulged in tinkering as well as restoring the vintage machinery. Along with, he is a writer, producer, and director as well. He is hosting long-running TV shows: World’s

Who is Blake Shinn? Blake Shinn’s Short Bio/ Wiki Born on 26 September 1987 Shin Grew up in Kilmore Victoria in the family of saddlers. Blake is an Australian Jockey by profession. Being a saddler he was raised around racing and began his jockeying in very young age. He rode the 2008 Melbourne Cup. In 2005

One of the delightful and appealing women of the industry who is professionally working as American theatre and TV actress is Erica Tazel. The Texas beauty took the attention of the public by portraying character Rachel Brooks in the television hit series, Justified. Not surprisingly, Tazel has wholly won over her fans. Erica Tazel’s Relationship

Just as said no one will remember you until you are famous or dead. We had no clue who Sunshine Kiki Brown was until she married to celebrated actor Clayne Crawford. She came into the spotlight after marrying him. Professionally, she is working as the footwear (shoes) designer.  Relationship and Married Life Reflecting on Sunshine

Felix O. Adlon is that gem of the industry whose contribution is very minimal but has brought significant changes in the movies. He is profoundly working as the writer as well as producer. His works are appreciated in Mahler on the Couch, Younger, and Younger and Eat Your Heart Out. Relationship and married life Felix

Jacqueline Walters is a working lady who has also done a great job in the reality series ‘Married to Medicine.’ Apart from being a doctor, she is also a survivor of breast cancer who knows and feels the pain for every girl in the society who are going through the same phase and has been

Radhika Jones is an American lady whose profession is a magazine editor, she is currently the editor of Vanity Fair which is a magazine of popular culture, fashion and current affairs published by Conde Nast. She is also the editorial director for the books department of The New York Times. She has edited many of

A writer, who is like Olivia Pope for the women of color, and been working in order to expand the narrowness and inaccurate narratives of women of color in the mainstream media, is Michaela Angela Davis. By profession, Davis is an Image Activist, creative director, writer, and cultural commentator. She is a fixer of sorts