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Alejandra Guzmán is a Mexican singer, songwriter and an actress. She is highly known as a musician and called the Mexican Madonna and bad girl of Latin pop. She was rewarded and honored with many awards from different sectors. Some of her popular song tracks are Cuidado con el Corazón (1990), Cuidado con el Corazón

Bernice Burgos is one of the 36 year old gorgeous models with millions of followers on Instagram. She is well- known for the model professional and has gained attention of the modern generation on the internet. Her date of birth is on April 17, 1980 and she was raised in the tri-state area, between New

Jacqueline Walters is a working lady who has also done a great job in the reality series ‘Married to Medicine.’ Apart from being a doctor, she is also a survivor of breast cancer who knows and feels the pain for every girl in the society who are going through the same phase and has been