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She is a young Nepalese actress who resides in UK. She is half-Ukrainian and half-Nepalese. She was born in Kathmandu, Nepal to a Nepali father and Ukrainian mother. She has a few number of stage and screen roles. Her parents moved to UK while she was just in her age of 6. This young actress

Kristofer belongs to a Norwegian actor Erik Hivju family and the cousin of French actress Isabelle Nanty. He was born on 7th December, 1978 in Oslo, Norway. Apart from his various role plays in movies, he is very well known for the role of Tormund Giantsbane in HBO fantasy drama series Game of Thrones. He

Renowned for the portrayal of Stannis Baratheon a fictional character in Game of Thrones, Stephen Dillane is an English actor born on 27th of March 1957 in Kensington, London to an Australian surgeon Dr. John Dillane and English mother Bridget. He has acted in several critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies including The Hours, Spy