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Maxmillion cooper CEO of the Gumball 3000 rally and multi millionaire got married with rapper Eve. They stated they are happy to be with each other.  This was Maxmillion second marriage and for Eve it’s her first. They got married in Lbiza, Spain. He meets with Eve in Gumball 3000 in 2010. It been stated

We usually gossip about relations and affairs, this would be the first time where we will be talking a milestone different topic. Loved and admired both Jane Musky and Tony Goldwyn are bounded in a relationship by marriage since from 1987. These couples are living a very healthy marriage life and no doubt this relation

Fixer Upper debuted on HGTV since a year ago, but is very much popular among audience in United States. Chip and Joanna Gaines are husband and wife they own and operate a renovation and design business in Texas, Waco. Their show ‘Fixer Upper’ is all about the process by which these couple turns potentially rich

Annabelle Neilson is seen disappointed by Julie Montagu on Monday night’s episode in Ladies of London. In her latest blog post, she made a comment in their common drama. Annabelle believes that Julie Montagu should have defended her against Caroline Stanbury’s negative talks about her. Monday’s night episode was full of drama and the

Juliet Angus a most known face in Ladies of London; got caught up in drama involving on a fight with another Ladies of London star Caroline. Juliet is always believed to be stubborn and optimistic who get herself messed around. While people wonder about Juliet’s personality and attitude, we believe it was just another coherent

Annabelle Neilson She was born to her parents Max Neilson and Elizabeth Neilson on the year 1969 in London. She is walking at her age of 46. An author by occupation she belongs to a wealthy aristocratic family. She loves to perform thrilling activities and also she is a very courageous lady among other ladies

An American politician, actor, attorney, lobbyist, columnist, and radio host Fred Dalton Thompson was born as Freddie Dalton Thompson in the month of August 19th, 1942 in place named Sheffield, Alabama.He was the son of Ruth Inez his mother and Fletcher Session Thompson his father.  Talking about his education, he has attended public school situated

We all know who is Kylie Jenner right, she is the youngest Kris Jenner’s daughters and also is the half sister of Kim Kardashian. So not including the long boring intro of her. She has been appearing on the hit reality TV program, yeah known as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, who is also a