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Sadiq Khan is a British born politician who also remained the member of Parliament. He was born on 8th of October, 1970 and he has  been mayor of London since May 2016. He is currently in his age of 45. He belongs to Labour Party and he is from Tooting, London. Sadiq Khan received his

Christopher john Chris Bryant generally known as Chris Bryant was born on 11 January 1962. Currently his age is 52. His height is about 6 feet 5 inch. He is a British politician from Labour party who has been staying as the Member of Parliament since 2001 general election for Rhondda and very early before

Jon Cruddas is a British Labour party politician who has been working as the members of Parliament since 2001, initially for Dagenham and shifted to Dagenham and Rainham. He won the most votes in the 1st round of voting gaining 19.39% of the vote from both party-affiliated organizations and party members. Around 2012, at the

Helen Goodman is a British politician who is the member of British Labour Party. Once she was the members of Parliament for Bishop Auckland and the Parliamentary under Secretary of States in the area of Department for works and Pensions. She worked for this until 2010 taking responsibilities for child poverty and childcare. She is

Jeremy Corbyn aka “socialist Jeremy Corbyn” is the British politician who is the Leader of the opposition and Leader of the Labor party.  Ideologically, he follows and identifies himself as democratic socialist. Since 1983 he is one of the crucial members of Member of Parliament for Iislington North. In the elections, he was elected as