Asia Monet Ray Wiki, Biography, Age, Ethnicity

Asia Monet Ray Wiki, Biography, Age, Ethnicity

Born on 10th of August in the year 2005, Asia Monet Ray is a dancer who first appeared in the first season of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Contest in 2012. She came third in the show. Kristie Ray and Shawn Ray are her parents. Kristie is a TV personality who first appeared alongside her daughter in the dance competition of Abby and Shawn is a former professional body builder and also an author. She also has a sister named Bella Blu Ray. Asia along with her parents and her sister lives in a place called Corona in California. She also has a grandmother Nana Vicky. Her nationality is American but nothing is known about her ethnicity. She has a mixed descent of Chinese, African American, Samoan and German descent. Besides being a dancer, she is also an actress, student and a passionate gymnast.   

Some of her close friends include Maddie Zielger, Paige Hyland, Nia Frazier and Mackenzie Zielger. She used to play ice skating while she was younger. Although she dances in varieties of style, her favorite dance forms are hip-hop and funk & jazz. She has won lots and lots of dance competitions. Her long term plan is to be a pro dancer if not then a choreographer.

The 10 year old world class dancer is very active in the social networking sites of twitter and Instagram. She has a mind boggling 1.1 million followers in her Instagram account with 1307 posts and 168 thousand followers in twitter with more than 7 thousand 200 tweets till date. You can follow her as @AsiaMonetRay on twitter and @asiamonetray on Instagram for recent updates.

@asiamonetray on Instagram for recent updates.

She has a height of 4 feet 2 inches but there’s enough time left for her to get an absolute height. Her weight is 65 pounds. At a very young age she has maintained her body like a pro model which is quite amazing. She has a perfect body measurement which can be seen on her dancing along with her beautiful feet movement. With a body and talent like that, she will be soon one great star in the coming future.

She has featured in the July, 2014 reality program Raising Asia along with her parents and her younger sister where Asia’s dancing and singing was showcased. She also appeared in a movie Sister Code which she completed in 2015. Some of her other appearances include featuring in the Hillary Clinton documentary, walking the ramp for Sketchers, being in the cover of Dance Spirit Magazine.

She is not engaged in any kinds of relationship and affairs as she is not that old. Everything she does is taken care by her parents. Looking at her wonderful career, boys are going to die to talk with her or even snap a picture with her as she is rising to be a huge star very soon. Besides, she loves to spend time with her dog.

You find more information on her and her biography on different wiki sites but nothing is written about her on Wikipedia. You can also watch varieties of her dancing videos on YouTube.