Daniela Castro Wiki, Husband or Divorce, Boyfriend and Net Worth

Daniela Castro Wiki, Husband or Divorce, Boyfriend and Net Worth

Daniela Castro is an Irish singer and Mexican actress. In Mexico, she is one of the most cherished Mexican telenovela actresses. Well she is known for acting in the Los temerarious movie and the series Lo que la vida me robo as Gaudencia Jimenez and Mi pecado as Rosario Pedraza de Córdoba in all 110 episodes.

The musical group which her father owned inspired her to enter in the entertainment industry to become an actress. Well at very young age she was attracted to music, so he entered the Centro de Estudios Artísticos de Televisa. This changed her direction as she ended up acting in theatres show. She was bombarded with roles for television. In 2007, she acted in Passion as Liza beta, played in Telenovela. She was lead actress in the Mujeres Asesinas 2 played the role of Rosa. Furthermore she acted in Mi pecado played Rosario. In Cadenas de Amargura she was a Cecila Vizcaino, young girl whose parents pass away in a dreadful accident. It was a big hit the main cause for its success was the characters were completely defined and the story was just perfecto.

Canaveral de Pasiones is a novel; it was produced by Christian Bach. She had a role of Julia Santos in a very sensual role. In 1989 she acted in a horror movie called Viaje directo al infierno. She has acted in only four movies and more than dozens of television series.

dozens of television series. She recorded an album Junto a ti; she said that it was a major dream to perform a song for her mother and father Jorge. Having entered the showbiz from a young age, she has spent more than 35 years working in industry. And in return, she has amassed popularity, fan base and accolades. Castro is awarded with accolades, Mejor actriz debutante in 1989, Best Lead Actress in 1997, Best Female Performance in 2007, Best Female Co-acting in 2011 and Best Female Antagonist thrice.

Castro was born on 17 August 1969 at Mexico City, Mexico. As of 2016, she is in her age of 47 years. She was born to Javier Castro. She stands with the height of 4ft 11 inch. A Mexican by nationality her parents has an extended chain of ethnicity from Portugal and Argentina. Well she is a very attractive woman who seems hot and sexy when she flaunts her bikini body. However, it is astounding that such a wonderful actress with so much in possession never had any long dating history. She only had two boyfriend. One was Raul Arazia; her ex-boyfriend and another is Gustavo Diaz Ordaz; whom she married. The couple has already conceived three kids. With such a caring and loving husband she doesn’t want divorce, at least not now.  For all time, at the moment, Daniela Castro has net worth $20 Million. She also endorses many Mexican products. To know more about her you can retrieve it from her wiki or bio which is available in the internet and can follow her in the official account of Instagram and twitter.