David Mazouz Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Shirtless and Net Worth

David Mazouz Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Shirtless and Net Worth

Mazouz was born on February 19 in 2001. This makes his age 15 years old as of 2016. At such a small and young age, Mazouz has been able to establish his career and live the life he has always dreamt of. Mazouz was born in Los Angeles in California which is located in the United States of America. He was born to his parents Rachel and Michael Mazouz.  His mother was a psychotherapist. Similarly, his father was a physician. Mazouz also has a sister in the family whose name is Rebecca. Mazouz and his family are Kosher-keeping, Sabbath-observing jewish with a Sephardi descent.

As Mazouz was born in America, his nationality is obviously American. Similarly, his ethnicity is white. Mazouz is quite a tall boy for his age as he has a height of 5 feet and 1 inches. David is also interested in music and arts as he has studied music and sketching at Second City, as well as The Improv, where he has been able to write his own material at such a young age.

 Mazouz has performed in a lot of movies and tv shows till now. Mazouz started his career by appearing in several commercials alongside Kiefer Sutherland at the mere age of eight. In 2012, Mazouz performed the role of mute Jacob "Jake" Bohm in the widely popuar TV series Touch along with Sutherland. Mazouz has performed in several tv series including The Office, Mike & Molly and Criminal Minds. Mazouz also appeared as the adopted brother of Betsy in the ABC show Private Practice.

In 2014, Mazouz also performed the role of young Bruce Wayne in new show gotham, a popular FOX tv series which is based on the DC Comics later ego of Batman.

the DC Comics later ego of Batman. In 2015, Mazouz performed the role in The Darkness as Michael Taylor. Mazouz also performed in the movie Incarnate which was released in 2015. Other several movies and tv shows performed by him are Touch, Drop Dead Dive, The Office, Coming & Going, Criminal Minds and The Games Maker. Mazouz has not performed any shirtless scenes till now as he is still very young for such stuffs.

It is obvious that Mazouz has not engaged in any affair neither he has been dating any girlfriend till now. Mazouz is still very young to be in a relationship with someone. It is also good for him if he stays focused in his career for some years. However, it is clear that Mazouz is definitely going to have a beautiful girlfriend in the future.

Mazouz is very active in social networking sites like twitter, facebook and instagram. He has an astounding 90 thousand followers in twitter and has already tweeted about a thousand times till now. Mazouz has uploaded a lot of pictures and videos in his twitter account. Similarly, Mazouz is also active in instagram. He has 150 thousand followers in instagram and about 182 posts till now. Mazouz has shared a lot of posts to his followers in instagram related to his personal life.

In such a young age and short career, Mazouz has earned a total net worth of $ 0.7 million dollars which is sufficient to live a comfortable and luxurious life anyone can dream of. At this pace, Mazouz is certainly going to enjoy a greater net worth in the future. For more information regarding Mazouz’s biography, you can visit several wiki sites in the internet or other several sites like IMDb.