Jimmy Riffle Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Net Worth

Jimmy Riffle Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Net Worth

It's quite likely that one idea of having fun isn't about wrestling alligators. Well, Jimmy Riffle is that kind of person who finds pleasure in doing such fearless activities. He is a fearless pea in a pod. None are the person who has no idea who Jimmy Riffle is, while he is alligator trappers and also a TV personality. He is known for his show Gator Boys Alligator Rescue which is aired on Animal Planet since 2012.

Relationship and Married Life

Turning the topic on the relationship status of Jimmy Riffle, it shows that he is committed. He is dating girlfriend Sara Barber. They have been working together since years. There are rumors that Riffle might quit the show in order to focus primarily on his girlfriend Sara and their future to come. As it seems, Riffle is planning to intertwine their relationship by making her wife. There is a high probability that they will be getting married and have children.

Career and Progression

Riffle was quite a child; he has been working with the exotic and native wildlife since he was only 11 years old. He was mentored by Mike Skeet Johns at the Aligator Zoo Native Village in Hollywood, Florida. He taught him best of everything regarding how to live off the land and all about wildlife. He used his spare time to learn minute details of wild animals through different experts. He was fast learner which made him the manager of the native village in such a young age. He has an unrivaled capability to handle almost any hazardous reptile with ease. Skeet was like his second father who passed away in 2005.

Following his footsteps, Riffle now operates Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, he is the co-owner.

Boys Alligator Rescue, he is the co-owner. The crew indulges about six boys, Jimmy Riffle, Andy Riffle, Tre Huntoon, Scott Cohen, Paul Bedard, Christopher Gillette and two girls, Ashley Lawrance and Sara Barber. Their main work is to go after the endangered and nuisance gators in Florida, Mexico, Lousiana, and Mississippi. They rescue and move them safely to the Everglades Holiday Park before trappers, kill and sell the animals for their skin and meat. Their prime focus is on providing good information about gators so that normal people can have a better understanding of them. He often travels around along with his brother Andy and Gator Boys team performing an Alligator wrestling roadshow.

What's Jimmy Rifle Net Worth?

As per the celebrity net worth 2017, Jimmy Rifle is said to possess the net worth of $500 thousand. The exact amount of salary is unknown but as per sources, they earn about $12 to $15 a foot per gator. So if they trapped a 10-foot gator they will get $120 to $150. So, the average salary becomes $42,000. The salary and net worth figures have been reported from different credible websites and sources. He owns Old Florida BBQ restaurant in Davie, FL which is also one of his source of income.

Short Bio

Riffle was born in was born in Plantation, Florida on August 10. He belongs to American nationality and to white ethnicity. Detail information regarding the family cannot be retrieved from any sources but he has a brother named Andy Riffle who is working with him on the show. Furthermore, one can find interesting information through his wiki, twitter and Instagram accounts do visit it.