John Turturro Wiki, Age, Affairs, Married and Net Worth

John Turturro Wiki, Age, Affairs, Married and Net Worth

Turturro was born on February 28 in 1957. This makes his age 59 years old as of 2016. He was born his parents, Nicholas Turturro and Katherine Turturro. His father was a carpenter and his mother was a jazz musician. He was born in Brooklyn which is located in USA. Turturro studied at State University of New York where he learned about theatre and acting.  Later, he graduated from Yale School of Drama in the field of Film Art. As he was born in America, Turturro’s nationality is American. Similarly, his ethnicity is white. Turturro is a tall guy. He has a height of 6 feet and an inch.

Turturro has appeared in a lot of movies and tv shows till now. Turturro is mostly known for his acting in Do the Right Thing, Barton Fink , Quiz Show , Miller's Crossing , O Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Big Lebowski and also in the Transformers film series. Till now, he has appeared in more than sixty films and is also known for working with the Coen brothers, Spike Lee and Adam Sandler. He first appeared in a minor role in the movie Raging Bull (1980). He also won the Obie Award for theatre for his movie Deep Blue Sea (1983). Turturro has also worked with Spike in nine films under various genres. He also worked with Adam Sandler and appeared in comedy movies like You Don't Mess with the Zohan and Mr. Deeds. Besides, Turturro has also appeared in several tv series. He got Emmy award for his famous role in the TV show called Monk, and also was nominated for the Golden Gloves award and Screen Actors Guild award. Turturro is also known to work as a director in the movie Illuminati where he also performed as an actor.

Illuminati where he also performed as an actor. He was the writer and director in the movie Romance and Cigarettes. Turturro has also performed several shirtless scenes in his movies and TV shows as well.

Turturro was dating his girlfriend Katherine Borowitz for quite a long time from 1980. Borowitz is an actress who appeared in Internal Affairs, A Serious Man and The Man Who Wasn't There. The Affaris between the pair got deeper and the couple were married to each other as husband and wife in 1985. Till now, everything is going fine in their relationship and it does not seem like they would divorce each other soon in the near future. The coupel has altogether two kids whose names are Amedeo and Diego.

Tuturro is also very active in social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. He has 4 hundred followers in twitter and has already tweeted about 2 hundred times till now. Turturro has uploaded a lot of images and videos in his twitter account. Similarly, Turturro is also active in instagram. Turturro has a lot of followers as well as posts in instagram. Turturro has shared a lot of posts to his followers in instagram related to his personal life.

Turturro has earned a lot throughout his career contributing him to an astounding net wroth of $ 24 million US dollars sufficient to live a comfortable and luxurious life anyone can dream of. At this pace, Turturro is certainly going to enjoy a greater net worth in the future. For more information regarding Turturro’s bio, you can visit several wiki sites in the internet or other sites like IMDb.