Lars Ulrich Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend or Gay

Lars Ulrich Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend or Gay

Lars Ulrich is one of the talented Danish drummers who is currently member of American heavy metal band Metallica. He is one of the founding members of band. He is the best guy always passionate about learning more about drumming and has sound understanding the role of the drums next to James Hatfield’s rhythm guitar. His drumming styles changes throughout his career as Ulrich uses groove in his drum style. He is specialist in genre Heavy metal, thrash metal, hard rock and speed metal .He has become icon for many youths who is learning to drive in such fields. The band has released 10 studio albums and three live albums.

Ulrich was born on December 26, 1963 at Gentofte, Denmark. He is born to upper mid-class family Lone and Torben Ulrich. His height is about 5ft 6 inch. In the beginning he followed his father’s footsteps to become professional tennis player. But Ulrich was keenly interested in music after going to Deep Purple Concert. The young Ulrich was mesmerized by the performance and following day he bought Fireball album. This made considerable impact on him inspiring to have start in rock and roll followed by heavy metal. In 1981, he discovered about another heavy metal Diamond Head, he loved their music so much that He traveled from San Francisco to London to see the band perform live. As his passion for tennis waned, his passion for drumming increased. He wanted to form a band and posted an ad in a local newspaper. In response to the ad he became partner with James Hatfield and the band “Metallica” was formed.
Initially he was a pioneer playing drums for several songs "Fight Fire with Fire”, "Damage Inc.", “Dyers Eve”.  He simplified his style of drumming and reduced his kit from a 9-piece to a 7-piece.

simplified his style of drumming and reduced his kit from a 9-piece to a 7-piece. He utilized the double bass technique which was seen in “One”, “Blackened”, “All Nightmare Long”, “Metal Militia”.  Apart from being drummer he is an actor too. His debut movie was HBO original movie “Hemingway & Gellhorn”, it was released on 28 May 2012. He made a cameo appearance in “Get Him to Geek” as the partner of the character Jackie Q. In 2012 he acted in the documentary "Mission to Lars".

To date Ulrich has married thrice, he has had quite the caliber of women. He married first time in 1988 to Debbie Jones but lasted for only two years. Secondly he was married to Skylar Satenstein. He has two sons from his second wife but got eventually divorce. He was dating his girlfriend who is fashion model Jessica Miller, they are married now. The news of him kissing other band member rose question of his sexuality but he isn’t gay. It’s the way of showing loves to his mates.

Ulrich does little bit of charity works. He is activist in advocating the expansion on the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic of San Francisco, California. He is sometimes being photographed for the albums photo shoot being shirtless along with his mates. He doesn’t like to be social; he doesn’t have any official accounts of instagram, twitter.

Lars Ulrich has become role model and influence on a number of other drummers. His net worth is about $175 Million Dollars. To know more about him , you can access several wikis.