Mark Halliely Wiki, Bio and Net Worth

Mark Halliely Wiki, Bio and Net Worth

Mark Halliely is a writer and a director who is known for War in the Falklands (2002), The Apprentice (2005) and The Hotel Inspector (2005). He is known as the one of the best narrator. He has versatile personality. He is not only a director or an actor, but he has also invests fund in documentary or movies as producer. He is a writer and a fine artist also.

Mark lives in London and he is about 60-64 ages. The exact date of birth is not published. Talking about his personal life there is much not given the detailed information about his family, wife or kids. The net worth of Mark is not published. But he is a brilliant narrator who has proven time to time, so we can guess that he has very high salary and wealth. He has record a set for as he shines every time in his shows.

Around 1983, Mark worked as a presenter reporter of a programme “File in Four” on BBC radio-4, UK, which got the Sony Award for Best News and Current Affairs Programme. He signed contract with BBC as a script consultant in approximately 2003-2004. . In 2004, he wrote, produced and direct When Toby met Julie, a story of infamous Modern Review. In 2006, he wrote the “The Spy from the Moscow”, a drama about Espionage behind the Iron Curtains as the world faces nuclear Armageddon and wrote the “Vanunu and the Bomb”, a one-hour drama doc telling the story of Mordecai Vanunu, who risked his life to lift the lid on Israel’s biggest secret. And both the dramas are about Nuclear Secret published in BBC.

In 2007, Mark telecast a show of the Atlas Russia which was about the profile of the people of modern Russia discovery and wrote The Believers, a full-length screenplay based on real historical events.

discovery and wrote The Believers, a full-length screenplay based on real historical events. He even wrote the script of the seminar “What’s the Story”, group workshops and one-to- one instruction on TV doc for the BBC College of Journalism. In 2009, he produced and directed the two movies named, Modern Masters: Henry Mattise and My life in Verse. In 2008, he made a documentary “The Wildest Dream”, which was featured for cinematic release in the USA in spring 2010 through NatGeo. In this documentary, he worked as a director, producer and a writer. He launched another documentary The Scorpion King in the same year. In 2011, he produced and directed the Mrs. Dickens‘Family Christmas.

Mark has starred in Te Apprentice (UK), Jamie’s Kitchen, True Storis and guest starred in Comic Relief (The Apprentice), Comic Relief and National Geography Channel Megastructures. He has directed the TV series such as Britain’s Great War, Modern Masters, Secrets of Dead, Kitchen Chemistry with Heston Blumenthon , To the Ends of the Earth and movie When Toby met Julie. Some of his works as a producer are Britain’s Great War, French Leaves, The Wildest Dream, and Secrets of Dead. The other doc like The World’s Most Photographed-: TV mini-series documentary, Back on Jimmy’s Farm: TV Movies documentary and Jimmy’s Farm: TV Series documentary, in which he worked as a script writer. He even acted as narrator in TV Series Documentary called Revealed. And some of his recent works are The Final, Why I Fired Them: Class of 2015, Week Eleven: Interviews, Charleiene/Vana/Richard/Joseph/Gary: Final Five and Week Ten.

Talking about his bio in short, he is showcase of voice over, narration, directing, writing, radio, producing, television and documentary work.