Robert Irvine Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce, Affair, and Net Worth

Robert Irvine Wiki, Bio, Wife, Divorce, Affair, and Net Worth

Robert Paul Irvine is a famous TV celebrity and a chef. He was born on the 24th of September. He was born in England. His passion for food, fitness, and military is at a very young age. He joined British Royal Navy as a teenager.

Relationship and Married Life

Regarding his personal life,  he is believed to have been married as there aren't many names that come up in the name of his girlfriends.There are not such any rumors about his affairs, but a rumor of people considering him to be a gay, but that does not seem to be true. Robert has been in two different marriages. First, he married Karen and lived with her in Absecon, New Jersey. They became fortunate being a parent two daughters namely Annalise and Talia, but their relationship could not succeed and they ended up in a divorce. Well, the clear reason behind their separation is not disclosed. The reality is still a mystery!! Later on, after being separated from the first wife, Robot married Gail Kim, current impact star and hall of Famer in 2012.


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They meet together on the sets of a dinner: Impossible.They are happily living together and there is no any such signs of divorce in their relationship as of now.They do not have any children yet.

Career and profession

He began his cooking career at the age of 15. He also later completed culinary training and worked as an Executive Chief in the cruise ship in Bali, Jakarta. He is the first chef to open his restaurant in Pentagon. Apart from his  Career being a chief, he is also an author. He has published several books as well as cookbooks such as "Getting Fit", "A Row of Beans: An Allotment Murder Mystery", "Impossible to Easy" and "Mission Cook", and that was much appreciated by millions of people. He also worked for the food network's kitchen for a long time and as a chef in the white house. He is also famous for his TV shows  Good Morning America, Dinner: Impossible, Southern Fried Everything, Restaurant Express, and others.

How much is Robert Paul Irvine's Net Worth?

From different sources, it is been reported that Robert earns a good amount of money from his professional careers. Being a  chef, fitness authority, author, and television personality. He has numerous sources of income and his current net worth is assumed to be  $15 Million. Robert is quite satisfied with his professional life and his lifestyle.

Short bio

He is a British by nationality, as well as an American citizen. Not being that tall, he has a height of about 178 cm which is actually not bad at all. His weight is about 213 lbs. Robert has a good personality and is very generic and humorous in nature. He is very conscious about his health and loves to workout regularly and maintains eating habits. He has very big biceps and a wide chest which seems to be a result of his daily work out and fitness activities.Being a chef, Robert loves experimenting new recipes. There is nothing such information about his parents and family history.In order to know more about him, you can read his biography that is available on different sites.You can also follow him on his social site accounts like Instagram and  Twitter