Sam Pepper Wiki, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay

Sam Pepper Wiki, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Dating or Gay

Pepper was born on 26 March in 1989. This makes his age 27 years old as of 2016. He was born in Ashford in Kent which is located in United Kingdom. As Pepper was born in England, his nationality is English. Similarly, his ethnicity is white. Pepper studied at Pent Valley Technology School for his early education. Pepper is a typical tall guy. He has a height of 6 feet and an inch.

Pepper created his YouTube channel On 8 September 2010 and began uploading videos which mainly were prank videos. From 2013 to 2014, Pepper and Marius Listhrop, his friend and fellow YouTube personality, started their comedy tour worldwide known as "WDGAF Tour". However, in 2014, Pepper faced a lot of controversies after uploading a prank video whose tile was "Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank". Pepper faced several sexual harassment allegations by a lot of women after the prank video was released in Youtube. After a while, in 2015, Pepper uploaded another video titled as "Killing Best Friend Prank". The prank was based on masked Pepper shooting Colby Brock in front of his friend Sam Golbach who is also a youtube personality, causing further negative criticism towards him and his channel.

Recently, on 21 February in 2016, Pepper made all the videos private in his youtube channel and deleted all of his tweets from his twitter account except for one twitter where he wrote "I give up". He also uploaded a 20-minute video after three days on 24 February titled as "i'm sorry". In this video, Pepper made a lot of confessions such as his "Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank" and "Killing Best Friend Prank" were all staged. Pepper denied all the sexual harassment and rape allegations and accusations towars him. He also apologized for his stupid and fake videos and stated that he would only upload videos that he really believes in.

apologized for his stupid and fake videos and stated that he would only upload videos that he really believes in. Later, after he published the apology video, Pepper stopped uploading prank videos and began uploading vlogs. Slowly, he started receiving a lot of positive and mixed response. In April 2016, he again made several of his youtube videos public. Till now, he has also uploaded a lot of videos in youtube where he has appeared shirtless.

Pepper has been dating his girlfriend Cat Rose for quite a long time. The relationship between them is still very strong and it does not seem like they would split up anytime soon in the future. It seems like the couple would eventually get married with each other in the future as husband and wife. However, we all hope that they would never divorce each other in the future after they get married. Pepper is obviously not gay.

Pepper is very active in social networking sites like youtube, twitter, facebook and instagram. He has an astounding 1 million followers in twitter and has already tweeted about 10 thousand times till now. Pepper has uploaded a lot of pictures and videos in his twitter account. Similarly, Pepper is also active in instagram. He has 500 thousand followers in instagram and has about a thousand posts. Pepper has shared a lot of posts to his followers in instagram related to his personal life.

Pepper has earned a lot throughout his career contributing him to an astounding net worth of $ 1.1 million dollars sufficient to live a comfortable and luxurious life anyone can dream of. At this pace, Pepper is certainly going to enjoy a greater net worth in the future. For more information regarding Pepper’s biography, you can visit several wiki sites in the internet or other sites like IMDb.