Ted Vernon Wiki, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Children, and Divorce

Ted Vernon Wiki, Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Children, and Divorce

Celebrated as one of the South Florida's colorful personalities, Wolfman is considered as the man of many hats, likely successful auto-dealer, movie actor and producer, and a professional prizefighter. Precisely, he is the man with many layers; he is also a popular local doo-wop singer, ex-racer, ex-boxer, reality TV star, antics collector, and what not.

Ted Vernon's Relationship and Married Life

Reflecting on the relationship status of Ted Vernon it’s crystal clear that he is a committed man.  The story of his love life dates back to late 1990's. He met Robin Vernon on their very first date, following his heart he proposed her to marry him instantly. Fortunately, Robin didn’t think him crazy and they started living together.  Surprisingly, it merely took them less than two years to take their relationship to next level. From girlfriend, Robin turned to his wife. They got married. Vernon has two children from his prior marriage. True fact, the couple has been a solid pair regardless of a huge age gap. With God's grace, they are having happier days and there is no trace of divorce or any extramarital affairs. However, there have been rumors about these couple getting separated very soon, but no any strong evidence are out yet to prove it. 

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Career and profession

Indeed, life hasn't been always easy for him. Deciding to embark career on an amateur boxing, Vernon started in amid 80's and turned out to be professional. After playing in few games, he retired. With the idea of changing the cinematic industry of South Florida movies, he started producing and acting in a number of "B" movies.

he started producing and acting in a number of "B" movies. He became colorful personalities in the history of entertainment, County sports, and in the business worlds.

Once Vernon used to work for his father and aid him in solving the problems. It was no surprise that he quit working for his father and decide off to start up own business.  He along with partner opened up his own vehicle dealership business but left the business due to the misunderstanding with the partner. He purchased an old boating facility and resumed his own business, working hard each day to pay off his debts and increase his business networks.  Ted’s wife has been very supportive throughout. Ted handles the front end of the office, the vehicle dealership company; simultaneously Robin takes the department of the back end and also company’s day-to-day operation. Last but not the least; he is also recognized for his bestselling book called, Collecting Cars for Fun and Profit.

How much is Ted Vernon's Net Worth?      

Being a successful cars trader, Vernon has accumulated a total sum of net worth $15 million. His business is booming every day and at this pace, he is likely to own a beautiful house in South Florida. He along with his wife Robin were the great couple to host the show dealing with cars ranging from couple thousand dollars to million dollars. It also seems they are having very healthy business going on. But, on November 14th, Ted disclosed he would be hosting the show with a new partner, Christine Morris. Christine who is a Marketing Specialist, an entrepreneur, and a successful model.

Ted Vernon's Short Bio

Vernon was born on Long Island, New York, US. Though information of his parents is not known, his bio showed he has the American sensation of Jewish ethnicity. Certainly, it's true that he grew up in a well-off family but his birthday date is not shown. Moving on to his physique, he stands with the average height.  He has well-built up the muscular body with the flamboyant personality. More info on his professional and personal life can be accessed via his official site. Also can follow him on his official Instagram and Twitter account.