Iris West Allen Wiki, Biography and Character Plays

Iris West Allen Wiki, Biography and Character Plays

West Allen or Iris West is a fictional character who has appeared in several DC Comics publication. She was born in the 30th century i.e. 2949 AD. She was sent to past shortly before "Earth-East" attacked the "Earth-West". She was a reporter for Picture News in Central City on her first appearance in DC Comic. Iris was also assigned the place as girlfriend of Berry Allen, who secretly is no other than the almighty Flash.

She gets married to Berry and discovers Berry is flash on her first wedding night. After years of presence with Flash her character was killed by Professor Zoom while in a costume party. However, Iris was not dead for so long and she was brought back after Russells placed her consciousness in to new body. There are numerous brought backs of Iris and vibration in story in the comic series.

In The News 52 which is also known as a reboot of DC Comics world, Iris is shown unmarried. But Iris and Flash know each other because of their occupation. It's been shown that Iris has some romantic attraction towards Berry Allen. Later release of this comic proves Iris love toward Barry, but Barry has no any feelings for her.

While in Flashpoint which is a miniseries of the comic while Flash created an alternate timeline. Iris West is shown unmarried and in relation to somebody namely John. Iris is shown with Citizen Cold in this series and she helps Citizen Cold while he is injured. Later she learns he is a criminal and murdered to her nephew.

nephew. Iris freezes Citizen Cold while he intends to kill Pied Piper with his own weapon.

Iris West has been involved in many television series and other media too. Iris first live-action and media appearance was as a guest in The Flash 1990 series played by actress Paula Marshall.In this series , she portrayed as Berry's girlfriend. However she was a news reporter in comic but this time she was assigned as a computer graphic artist by profession. This series was a two hour pilot episode. Alike this series she also appeared in Young Justice. In Young Justice Iris character was voiced by Nicole Dubuc. Iris also has been portrayed by Candice Patton in series The Flash.

Moving on to movies and films, Iris West was first featured in animated film named Justice League: The New Frontier. Vicki Lewis gave vocal to the character of Iris and she appeared as Barry Allen girlfriend. Her next appearance was in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox voiced by Jennifer Hale. In this film she is shown having a child and married with someone else.

Apart from TV to Film she has many other appearance in various categories. Iris also was featured in Video Game Injustice: Gods Among Us. In this game Iris West is mentioned by Regime Flash who is trying to take control in Superman's increasingly cruel behavior. Iris recurrent appearance in so many media has made her popular and as like a lively character among us. She is desired and lovable fictional character created ever.

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