Waldo From Where's Waldo and Where's Wally Wiki

Waldo From Where's Waldo and Where's Wally Wiki

Waldo has remained a star in comic since 70's. The character Waldo is distinctly known for his wardrobe of a red and white striped shirt, blue jeans, brown boots, red & white striped socks, glasses and red & white bobbles hat. Waldo is a traveler who has been all over the world. He has been traveling through time and far to distant magical lands.

Waldo comes from the Land of Waldos. His age is unknown and he is a tall character. There are many other similar character like waldo in Land of Waldos. He was created by Martin Handford in a book showcasing his artistic talent. Adding a wacky character in his book full of crowds made Waldo the central theme for the readers. Waldo added the purpose to each page in the book and fans were more interested in the character than in other crowd.

Later in 1991 Where's Waldo? and Where's Wally? in United Kingdom, Australia and South America was developed as a video game by musician Craig Jakubowski. It was made by THQ for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was based on actual creator of Waldo i.e. Martin Handford's book. The theme was similar as in the book and the players were to help Waldo get to the moon by finding him in each levels of the game. The game Where's Waldo consisted of eight levels. However the graphics of the game was criticized by players. It was also referred as the worst graphics of any NES games.


The response to the game ware negative as Waldo would change color in some of the levels and he were hard to find due to poor graphics.The graphics of the game was changed and Waldo was re-created in 1997 with slight change in color of Waldo's clothes. This game was enjoyed by the readers of the book but it was also the Worst Nintendo Game ever created.

While talking about the game play, player's goal was to find waldo and help him get to the moon. Finding waldo in various pictures through out the eight levels in game was difficult. There are so many similar looking characters like waldo in the game series. While playing in picture levels, the directional buttons controlled a magnifying glass which was to place over Waldo in order to find him and move to the next level. You can also play this game in Medium and Hard modes where Waldo changed the color and it was even hard to find him. This made the game more challenging to find him in picture levels of the game. Some of the levels in game were the Train Station, Forest and Caves e.t.c. All levels were not same in this game, in subway level, it was more difficult to assemble waldo and find him. The player should go through maze and collect Waldo's dropped items such as glasses to exit the stage. While in this level the player must also avoid the Wizards whiteboard which could minimize the time of the player if he/she lands in his spot.