Annabelle Neilson Hurt and Dissapointed With Julie Montagu (Ladies of London)

Annabelle Neilson Hurt and Dissapointed With Julie Montagu (Ladies of London)

Annabelle Neilson is seen disappointed by Julie Montagu on Monday night's episode in Ladies of London. In her latest blog post, she made a comment in their common drama. Annabelle believes that Julie Montagu should have defended her against Caroline Stanbury's negative talks about her.

Monday's night episode was full of drama and the ladies continued their vacation in Denmark as scheduled. In the bus ride from their hotel to a castle, Caroline was seen talking to Julie about Annabelle's relationship. Caroline seemed to be very anxious about Annabelle and she asked Julie what's the worst that can happen if she stood up against Annabelle.

Annabelle was hurt and disappointed after Caroline started talking badly about her with Julie. Annabelle has always been good friend to Julie, she stated he has always supported Julie and has been a good friend to her.  However, Julie was thought to be on her own rather being Annabelle's puppet by Caroline Stanbury. Caroline said " Julie has been a new person and might be going through evolution, it's like she's growing her own testicles".  Caroline Stanbury and Annabelle Neilson had a very harsh argument making Julie Montagu the main subject.

very harsh argument making Julie Montagu the main subject.  This fight has been controversial and has been said to be a top position fight in Ladies of London. Caroline is thought to be a bombshell who has a great influence over the ladies in group.

The final episodes are on the way and this fight has broken down both Julie and Annabelle. Julie later tried to repair her messed friendship with Annabelle by apologizing her via text message. However, Julie's apology was not enough to heal their fight of last weekend.  Annabelle hoped for in-person comfort, Julie's apology message was not enough for her . It seems that Julie also is sad about this fight and for she could not support Annabelle in right time.  Julie said in her text message to Annabelle"I am so sorry. From the bottom of my heart I am sorry, I have four kids. I have a husband who’s away. I work 12 to 14 hours every single day Annabelle and I am sorry. I am working my a** off with everything and that is why text messaging, that is how I relate…I am sorry I am not good enough…I am sorry I am not the good friend I wanted to be for you but I am frantically busy!”