Celebrities known for living below their means

Celebrities known for living below their means

We all for sure would choose to live an enormous and pleasant life style if we had bank full of money. However, there are some famous people and celebrities who choose to live an average life though they had fame and money. Starting our count down, we found actor Keanu Reeves comes in our #1 on the list.


Keanu Reeves born on September 2, 1964 is a very renowned Canadian actor, Producer, Director and also a Musician. He has starred in several block buster films such as "Bill and Ted franchise", "Point Break" and "Little Buddha". Among which his Science Fiction trilogy "The Matrix" was a hit back then. He once was a top-paid actor in Hollywood who had a strong determination on his work and efforts.

His personal life however wasn’t as fit as his career as he has faced many up’s and down’s. Back on 1999, his girlfriend gave birth to a child. It was an untimely birth as the delivery was done after 8 months of his girlfriend’s conception. Heart breaking news hit him after his girlfriend died in a car accident. It was a sequel of bad luck hitting him those years.  Reeves, thought to be very spiritual person though he claims to be non-religious personnel. However, he made his way with these incidents and moved on.

After a little past story on Reeves, Yes! He might be the only star in Hollywood who does not have a mansion.

mansion. He prefers to live in a rental house and hotels to mansion and bungalows. No offence but, which star in Hollywood would give up his character role in Speed 2 just to act in the lead role of Canadian Stage production "Hamlet" ? To our surprises Reeves did.  It’s also been rumored over internet that he gave away huge amount of $35 million Cheque  to the special effects and make up teams which he earned from the sequels of The Matrix. However, there are no any official evidence on this yet.

We might come of no help to him but, he has been a source of admiration. His behavior proves him to be down to earth person with very kind heart.








The next on the list is Jim Gaffigan. American by nationality and white by ethnicity, he is a multi-millionaire. He is an American stand-up comedian actor and a voice-over artist.  He holds an antonishing estimated net worth of 6million dollars. He was born on July 7th,1966 in Elgin, Illinos, United States of America. He is 49 by his age. He is married to Jeannie Gaffigan. He is Catholic by religion and Yet, he lives with his wife and four kids in a two-bedroom, five-story walk-up on the Bowery.Reference