Chip and Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper

Chip and Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper debuted on HGTV since a year ago, but is very much popular among audience in United States. Chip and Joanna Gaines are husband and wife they own and operate a renovation and design business in Texas, Waco. Their show 'Fixer Upper' is all about the process by which these couple turns potentially rich but unmanaged homes to a brand new house. Chip is really an expert in real estate and construction who can turn any huge price cost for rebuilding to affordable price. Joanna is a designer who can turn a rusted iron into a shiny piece of gold.

This show is all about renovation and rebuilding and making neighborhood look beautiful. It’s been hit show and mostly referred show in HCTV. Chip and Joanna turns their customers dream come true and are serving best for what they do. While talking about their personal life Joanna was born on Wheatfields of Kansas and she was raised in Lone Star State. She loves the old county way of living. She is also an owner of Lead Designer of Magnolia Homes. She completed her education from Baylor University, she has Communication degree. She has always loved making old things look new and more worthy. Her passion made her start a new shop in 2003 bringing her talents and designing ideas. She can be well said as a workaholic and she appreciates Chip's talent in their show 'Fixer Upper'. She has always dream of having her own cooking show as she also loves cooking. Chip and Joanna enjoys their life with their four kids in farm.

enjoys their life with their four kids in farm.

No any details are found in Chip and Joanna past life. However we hope they would live a happy life and no any issue about their divorce would be brought in front. There has been a rumor that Chip had a girlfriend before Joanna but no any evidence could be found.

These couples are doing great with their show and are winning new hearts as their show is growing old. Fans can find them on their blog at, much information about homes and decors are available there. Joanna is crazy in trying her wardrobes and clothing’s a day before her show to which Chip thinks its her most funny stuff she does. Joanna usually is seen in jeans and boots thought out her show. However, Joanna cannot be said a shopaholic she is very impressive in financial stuff. By their show they have put their hands in more than 200 homes.

Their net worth is estimated to be $1million and increasing instantly. We can conclude Chip and Joanna are earning handsome money by their show. You can find 'Fixer Upper' in social networking sites also, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They have a crazy amount of fan following in all these social sites. Fans can grab their photo and pictures from their social networking profile. More information can be found about them from their official site, for complete biography you can always visit IMDb and Wikipedia.