Fred Thompson Wiki, Age, Bio and Net Worth

Date: 01 Apr, 2016

Fred Thompson Wiki, Age, Bio and Net Worth

An American politician, actor, attorney, lobbyist, columnist, and radio host Fred Dalton Thompson was born as Freddie Dalton Thompson in the month of August 19th, 1942 in place named Sheffield, Alabama.He was the son of Ruth Inez his mother and Fletcher Session Thompson his father.  Talking about his education, he has attended public school situated in Lawrence burg, Tennessee, graduating from the school known as Lawrence County High School, in which he also played high school football. So, he worked days in the local post office, and nights at the Murray bicycle assembly plant for the fees he had to pay. So we can say that he was quite hardworking and keen to his decision. He then entered into a Florence State College, now also known as the University of North Alabama, where he become the first member of his family to go to university.He later on transferred to Memphis State University, now  also known as the University of Memphis. There he earned a double degree in  the subject philosophy and political science in the year 1964, as well as he won the scholarships to both Tulane and Vanderbilt University law schools. Further for his knowledge and degree, he also went on to earn his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the Vanderbilt Law School in the year 1967.

Beside from his education and  about his personal life, THOMPSON was a Republican who served the United States Senate representing the Tennessee from the year 1994 till the year 2003. He also served as a chairman of the International Security Advisory Board at the United States Department of State and also was a member of the U.S.–China Economic and Security Review Commission, also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and was a Visiting Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, lastly specializing in national security and intelligence. Also, as an actor, he appeared in a number of movies , television shows as well as in commercials. But, he frequently portrayed governmental figures.  In the final months of his U.S. Senate term in the year 2002,

he joined the cast of the long-running NBC television series named as Law & Order, playing  from Manhattan District Attorney Arthur Branch.

His biography can be obtained from the wiki sites such as wikipedia. He also has twitter account (@fredthompson) having 26.5k followers. Having five children and follows christain religion. In  the year 2016, Fred Thompson's net worth according to sources was estimated to be $8 Million. He has about great height 6 feet and 4 inches and weighed 317 pounds. So, he was too much of weight we can say. That's he loose his weight with the health diet he explains in the CBS when Fred Thompson was going to a country-style restaurant  situated in South Carolina. In the month of September year 1959, at the age of 17, he was m married to Sarah Elizabeth Lindsey. Their  son, was named  Freddie Dalton "Tony" Thompson, Jr.,who was born in April year 1960. Then, Son Daniel and daughter Ruth Elizabeth were born  thereafter. While he was attending law school, both his wife and he worked to pay for his education and support their three children. But unfortunately, they divorced in the year 1985. They have now two surviving children, as well as five grandchildren. His daughter named Elizabeth "Betsy" Thompson Panici died from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs on 30th January , year 2002. While he was single, he had been linked to country singer known as Lorrie Morgan, Republican fundraiser Georgette Mosbacher, and columnist Margaret Carlson. Then in July year 1996, he began dating Jeri Kehn and the two married almost six years in the month of June 29th, year 2002. Now, they have two children which is a daughter named Hayden born in the year 2003 and a son named Samuel born in year 2006.

Now, talking about his carreer, he was admitted to the State Bar of Tennessee in the year 1967. At that time, a fun fact that he shortened his first name from Freddie to Fred. He worked as an assistant in the U.S. attorney from the year 1969 till the year 1972. And yes successfully prosecuting bank robberies and other cases. He also was the campaign manager for the Republican of U.S. Senator Howard Baker's re-election campaign in the year 1972 and was minority counsel to the Senate Watergate Committee in its investigation of the Watergate scandal from the year 1973 till the year 1974. Moving on to the year 1980 he worked as an attorney, with law offices located in Nashville and Washington D.C., where he was handling personal injury claims and defending people accused of white collar crimes. He also accepted appointments as a Special Counsel to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee from the year 1980 till the year 1981, Special Counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee in the year 1982, and Member of the Appellate Court Nominating Commission for the State of Tennessee between the year of 1985 till 1987. His clients included the German Mining Group and  also the Japans' Toyota Motors Corporation. He has also served on various corporate boards. He has also did  lots of legal work and served on the board of directors for the engineering firm named as Stone & Webster.

In the year 1977, he represented Marie Ragghianti, who was a former Tennessee Parole Board chair, and had been fired for refusing to release felons after they had bribed aides to Democratic Governor known as Ray Blanton in order to obtain the clemency. With his assistance, Ragghianti filed a wrongful termination suit against the Blanton's office. Also during the trial, he helped expose the cash-for-clemency scheme which eventually led to Blanton's removal from office. In the month of July 1978, a jury awarded Ragghianti about $38,000 in back pay and ordered her reinstatement.

Also as a Lobbyist, he had earned about one million dollars in the total form . Except for 1981, his lobbying never amounted to more than one-third of his income. According to the Commercial Appeal newspaper, he had earned about half a million dollars from Washington lobbying from the year 1975. Lobbyist disclosure records show that he had six lobbying clients named as Westinghouse, two cable television companies, the Tennessee Savings and Loan League, the Teamsters Union's Central States Pension Fund, and a Baltimore-based business coalition that lobbied for federal grants. His lobbied Congress on behalf of the Tennessee Savings and Loan League to pass the Garn–St. German Depository Institutions Act of the year 1982, which deregulated the Savings and Loan industry. A large congressional majority and President Ronald Reagan supported the act but was said to be the factors for the savings and loan crisis. But he received about $1,600 for communicating with some congressional staffers on this issue. Then after leaving the Senate in  the year 2003, he only do the lobbying work for the London-based reinsurance company called as Equitas Ltd. He was paid about $760,000 between the year 2004 and till the year 2006 in order to help prevent passage of legislation which Equitas said unfairly singled them out for unfavorable