Jane Musky and Tony Goldwyn Keeping Mariage Fresh and Scandal

Date: 13 Aug, 2015

Jane Musky and Tony Goldwyn Keeping Mariage Fresh and Scandal

We usually gossip about relations and affairs, this would be the first time where we will be talking a milestone different topic. Loved and admired both Jane Musky and Tony Goldwyn are bounded in a relationship by marriage since from 1987. These couples are living a very healthy marriage life and no doubt this relation would go far for eternity. Peeking into Musky's life we were astonished for how are they keeping their marriage so fresh and still young. Curious like a cat we went far and far on discovering the secret behind their still young marriage life.

Musky's husband, Tony Goldwyn's acts in a show called Scandal. In this show he plays as an obsessed man who has different scene and role to play including sex scene, love scene and phone sex scene. Any women whose husband plays such role for eak out their life would be embarrassed and would in no time fall under a misunderstanding. However, Jane is way different as she never watches her husband show Scandal and instead enjoys other shows. Though their daughters really like the show and they always taunt Tony for his disgusting and hilarious show.

These couple has great ideas for fun thought their busy schedule in household and work. Recently Goldwyn talked to Kelly and Michael in a live show about their recent trip with his wife and daughters. Tony stated that his wife Jane is very liberal person and is a gem to him. Tony himself is 55 years old and Jane is 61 years old and you might not believe Goldwyn is keeping his marriage so fresh and young and alive with some simple tips he shared with Good-Housekeeping. We bet you would be surprised to know what he shared. The most adorable thing he said was, being with his wife was the best "guys' night out" for him as he remains so busy in his works he would love to be with his wife when he gets back to home. Goldwyn also said he enjoys preparing breakfast which tastes great to his wife Jane and surprise her with

surprises. Until now so far we came up with some sweet and sour facts in Jane Musky and Tony Goldwyn's life and you might also have got an idea for how are they keeping their marriage so fresh. For more celeb wiki and gossips you can always visit us.