Juliet Angus Fight With Caroline, Ladies of London

Date: 29 Oct, 2015

Juliet Angus Fight With Caroline, Ladies of London

Juliet Angus a most known face in Ladies of London; got caught up in drama involving on a fight with another Ladies of London star Caroline. Juliet is always believed to be stubborn and optimistic who get herself messed around. While people wonder about Juliet's personality and attitude, we believe it was just another coherent situation by Juliet who wants herself top among her co-stars. Juliet cannot be judged, however her actions in the show has made people think about it as her rival was Caroline Stanbury who can be said as Master of Mischievous.

After her fight with Caroline, Juliet told how she felt about Caroline Stanbury to Julie Montagu. All of a sudden she was left defending herself and her actions when Julie was seen trying to make friends with Caroline.It was a total shocking incident for her and she had no idea about Julie's actions. It has always been a hotcake while it comes to the Ladies of London. Their catfights have always been a source of attraction to the show. But this incident made Juliet feel that someone is backbiting her. Juliet thinks there is no one to trust among her co-stars of Ladies of London.

Now, Juliet has been shouting out loud about the stuffs that were kept off sight of the viewers. According to recent Bravo report, Juliet Angus is putting lights on what happened after New Year's Eve. She says "After New Year's I ran into Julie at the gym and while passing I told Caroline that she needs to do some apologizing, she then shouted at me saying 'I'll wipe the floor with you if you think that i am going to apologize for doing something wrong'. I wanted to tell Julie the whole conversation I had with Caroline, but i never got a chance". Juliet adds "She was just trying to help Julie for not being afraid with Caroline, I think the best way to move on with Caroline is to tell her how you feel about her all intact and true".

Though everything seems settled right now

but this drama is recurring continuously. Julie gifting Stanbury a t-shirt was very odd and She has a weird behavior these days, points out Juliet. This whole incident has been a storm and interesting enough to all viewers. However, Many people doubt if this catfight was reality or just another bluff to hit the show. Previous episodes of Ladies of London are also spiced up with fights among co-stars. Caroline Stanbury has remained a popular face while it comes to catfight.Caroline is precisely found wrapped in many catfights and quarrels among other hot stars of Ladies of London. Readers can find a detailed wiki about Juliet Angus and Caroline Stanbury along with their net worth, affairs and boyfriend while searched in our site.  A detail report on this catfight can be grabbed from Bravo's official site. Photos and pictures related to Juliet Angus Fight With Caroline can be found while searched in Google.