Kylie Jenner is Fake Gossip

Kylie Jenner is Fake Gossip

We all know who is Kylie Jenner right, she is the youngest Kris Jenner's daughters and also is the half sister of Kim Kardashian. So not including the long boring intro of her.

She has been appearing on the hit reality TV program, yeah known as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, who is also a model, designer and aspiring actress.

See modeling is not that easy as it seem and to make her in the high she has done a lot of sacrifices though. All about her is fake yes you heard me right all is fake. Proof.. From the sources, she had her hips and butt done for sure 100 percent. And you yes you will give the same anger response about her being more open about what sort of work she had done, so as not leaving their young fans chasing after an unrealistic beauty standard. Also tell stopping her being greased up for selfies and looking sexy, see girl that all fake. And you will be angry at her. But can't you see you have made her yes you (all the fans). In this business of popularity, she has to go through all the surgeries at an early age. Its not her following you for the beauty aspiration it all you keep that on mind. And you tell her a fake personality well see by yourself who is fake. So remember that, fake people talk about other being fake well real people you know it well. You see her, purchasing a five-bedroom, 5.5-bath mansion worth $2.7 million named as an upscale gated community located in Calabasas, California,which she made her primary residence upon her 18th birthday. But why can't you see,  her soft and pure heart which she knows how and where to express. For your information, firstly, she set up an eBay account in which she auctions old clothing to raise money for the Children's Hospital located in Los Angeles. She also joined her family in a charity for yard sale on 10th November, year 2013. She believed that no kids must be hungry and every body must share the same strength. With the huge success from her supporters she joined  with Khloe, Kendall, Lil Twist, and The Game at PINZ bowling alley called Studio City,situated in California for a charity bowling game on 19th January,in the year 2014.

2014. The event was held to raise money for The Robin Hood Foundation which was a nonprofit in which The Game helped to raise $1 million for the donations. The sisters both participated in singer Chris Brown's two Kick'n It For Charity Celebrity Kickball games in Glendale, located in California on 19th July, year 2014 and also on 16th August, year 2014. At the first game, she competed the actor/singer known as Quincy Brown's Team; while She played from Chris Brown's Team Breezy. No one does this as she know you are gonna call her fake any way. But she did not for you but for her heart.

Aside from her, who loves to enjoy her youth and vast wealth, it appears that the latest gossip is, Tyga's ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna was the main reason for breakup. And poor Kylie was crying about his boyfriend cheating on him on snap chat. And well all the response was saying that she is "FAKING" to get the publicity. So to make you clear.  From sources, when Chyna and Jenner appeared to bury the hatchet by posing for a series of Snap chats, Tyga his so called boyfriend apparently lost it. When Tyga saw that Kylie and Blac took those photos together, he called her a fake b*tch!  Also he told “Kylie is a total sell out and he did not even know who she was anymore.” Ouch it was hurting. But not the end as when he switch the side when asked by a TMZ paparazzo if their age difference played a role, well he appeared giving the question serious thought. He then responded, “I think, you know, we’re both just focused on our lives, our individual lives right now. Sometimes things don’t work out. But, you know, I love her.” Also not only this when the photographer then asked, “They’ll always be love between the two of you?” He quickly replied, “For sure.” So who is being fake ask yourself well I think you are quite capable of it don't you. She is being real and sharing the pain she felt to you admires as she thinks you as of her family. But I will suggest her that it better to have a loads of enemy than millions of fans who turns out to became haters.