Helen Goodman Wiki, Bio, Net Worth and Information

Helen Goodman Wiki, Bio, Net Worth and Information

Helen Goodman is a British politician who is the member of British Labour Party. Once she was the members of Parliament for Bishop Auckland and the Parliamentary under Secretary of States in the area of Department for works and Pensions. She worked for this until 2010 taking responsibilities for child poverty and childcare. She is a good writer, has published numerous articles. Her works was appreciated.

After completion of course at Oxford Goodman she worked for Labour MP Phillips Whitehead as a researcher.  She worked in HM treasury justifying different posts likely the Exchange Rate Desk, Overseas Finance, Energy Desk at last became the head of strategy. On the Future for Multiethnic Britain she was the director of the Commission from 1997. At the children’s society in 1998, she was involved in lobbying on policies to cut child poverty. Until her elections she remained in the post of the chief executive of the Leisure Libraries and National Association of Toy.

After 2005 Goodman devoted her career towards politics. At 2005 General elections she was selected as the Labour candidate for the Country Durham seat. Goodman held the seat with a majority of 10,047 and on 25 May 2005 she gave her maiden speech. Because of her good deed she was re-elected in 2010 again in 2015. From May 2005 to April 2007 she was one of the advocator of Public Accounts committee. In June 2007 she was appointed Deputy Leader of the House of Commons before becoming whips. Later to become Parliamentary under Secretary of State she left her previous job of Deputy Leader.

Secretary of State she left her previous job of Deputy Leader.

In October 2011 she became Shadow Minister for Media. She has to campaign for better children protection online. In October 2013 she was provided with responsibility for Labour's Art policy. She ran campaign for saving Zarbain paintings which holds great value. In Dresden, Germany from 9th June 2016 - 12th June 2016 she attended the 64th annual Bilderberg Conference.In June 2014, at Ingleton, Country Durham in the parliamentary constituency which she had represented for 9 years she was called to give a short-speech for the opening of a village fairs. During her speech, she praised the village for the beauty of its caves & waterfalls. She got herself indulged in the controversy of attracted criticism from fellow MP over a tweet mentioning Jeremy Hunt’s wife later apologized with a tweet.

Goodman was born on 2 January 1958 making her age 58 years at Nottingham, UK. She enjoyed her childhood at Derbyshire. She was born to Danish immigrant mother and an architect father. She received her primary education from Lady Manners School and studied PPE from Somerville College, Oxford.Getting more personal, she has become wife of Charles Seaford. He works with the New Economics Foundation. They are parents to two kid. She is leading a happy family life. To secure her family life she also has done insurance .As of today we do not have enough information about her net worth but it seems to grow significantly in 2016. To know more about her biography you can retrieve it from her wiki, internet sites.