Jeremy Corbyn Wiki, Bio, Net Worth and Information

Jeremy Corbyn Wiki, Bio, Net Worth and Information

Jeremy Corbyn aka “socialist Jeremy Corbyn” is the British politician who is the Leader of the opposition and Leader of the Labor party.  Ideologically, he follows and identifies himself as democratic socialist. Since 1983 he is one of the crucial members of Member of Parliament for Iislington North. In the elections, he was elected as labor leader around 2015 as in the first round of the ballot he got victory with the overwhelming vote of 59.5%.  He has assisted the re-nationalization of railways, public utilities, combating corporate tax evasion & avoidance as alternative to austerity.

Corbyn was determined to lead his life being poltician, being career focused. He started doings works for different parties. Later he worked as an official for National Union of Tailors and Garment workers. In early 1974, he was appointed as one of the member of district health authority.  Later, Corbyn became the Local Labor Party's agent and organizer who had to work for the 1979 general election campaign. In February 1982, he was chosen as labor party candidate, won the final ballot by 39 votes to 35 for GLC councilor. In 2005 when the party was in government, he was identified as the 2nd most rebellious Labor MP of all time. He is a part of a number of Parliamentary Trade Union Groups too.

Apart from working as politician he has hosted a call-in show on an Iranian government television channel press TV from 2009 to 2012 for which he was paid up to £20,000.  For Islington North, he was elected seven times as Member of Parliament as he amassed 60.24% of the votes cast and a majority of 21,194. In 2009, when Britain politics was hit with parliamentary expenses scandal, he ranked as an MP with lowest expenses of all.

with parliamentary expenses scandal, he ranked as an MP with lowest expenses of all. For the richest, Corbyn consistently promoted higher income tax. Instead of making spending cuts, he suggests to make state-run investments to boost up the economy. Such expenses would be financed by issuing new bonds and insurance.

Corbyn is honored with Gandhi International World Award for his dedication and consistent efforts over a thirty year parliamentary career to uphold the Gandhi values of social justice and non-violence. He has won the Parliamentary "Beard of the Year Award" a record of six times.

Corbyn was born on 26 May 1949 at Chippenham later brought up in Kington St Michael.  Talking about his family, his parents were peace campaigners and he has four brothers, he is the youngest of all. He attended Castle House Preparatory School; he used to actively participate in The Wrekin constituency Youth Socialist, League against Cruel sports and his local labor party.  In 1966 whilst at school, he joined Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Well, Corbyn has married thrice. In 1974, Corbyn was married to 1st wife Jane Chapman but they divorced after five years.  In 1987, he got married to Claudia Bracchitta, she is the granddaughter of Ricardo Bracchitta. By whom he have three kid eventually in 1999 they got divorced. Around 2013, he married his long-term domestic partner Laura Álvarez. There’s much more information about him which is easily available over the internet. As of 2016, his total net worth is estimated to be more than £800 thousand.