Jon Cruddas Wiki, Bio, Net Worth and Information

Jon Cruddas Wiki, Bio, Net Worth and Information

Jon Cruddas is a British Labour party politician who has been working as the members of Parliament since 2001, initially for Dagenham and shifted to Dagenham and Rainham. He won the most votes in the 1st round of voting gaining 19.39% of the vote from both party-affiliated organizations and party members. Around 2012, at the post of Labour Party Policy co-coordinator he was appointed to Ed Miliband’s shadow cabinet replacing Liam Byrne.

His early career began working as policy officer for the Labour party. In 1994 he was appointed in the post of senior assistant. After 1997 elections he was selected for the post of Deputy Political Secretary to assist Prime Minister Tony Blair to be a liaison between the Prime Minister and the trade unions. He heavily worked on introducing the minimum wage. In 2000 for the safe Labour seat of Dagenham he was elected to be Prospective Parliamentary Candidate. A year later in the 2001 election he was elected as the new MP for Dagenham gaining of 8,693 votes.

He took his job seriously, rebelled against government for what he saw as they ignored their traditional, working-class support in a bid to woo middle-class voters. He rebelled on different occasions likely over the introduction of university top-up fees, the introduction of trust schools, the legislation on asylum seekers and many more. He advocated both the Trade Union Freedom bill and the Fourth Option for direct investment in council housing. At the 2005 election he was re-elected. He won the seat with 2,630 votes at a close-run election campaign.

votes at a close-run election campaign. At university College, Oxford he took up a part-time position for teaching Labour history after his re-election.

Cruddas accrued nominations from 49 MPs and received strong union backing from Transport and General Workers Union and Amicus. He received back-up from National Committee member actor, presenter Toby Robinson, Deputy Leader Roy Hatterslay and NUS President Gemma Tumelty. The magazine Tribune posted an article making Cruddas "the change that is required”. On 15th May 2012, he was offered to be Labour's Policy Coordinator in his shadow Cabinet. Cruddas won a Compass membership poll in March 2007, gaining 53% of 1st preference votes among the deputy leadership candidates. Cruddas, a Catholic, was in favor of restricting abortion; he further re-affirmed his pro-choice position.

Cruddas was born on 7 April 1962 at Helston, England to parents John and Pat. He is currently residing in Notting Hill along with his family. He attended Oaklands Roman Catholic Comprehensive School, later to University of Warwick. He graduated in M.A and later to PhD in Industrial and Business Studies in 1991. In October 2012 he was banned from driving for eight weeks, for driving with no insurance. He is married to Labour Activist Anna Mary Healy. His wife is working as assistant for Harriet Harman. He got a kid Emmett Cruddas.Cruddas is a social person he is always active in twitter, always keeps us updated with his latest info. Though his net worth is not disclosed yet but it seems to be sky rocketing every year.