eToro Wiki and Review

eToro Wiki and Review

Etoro has remained a very popular social trading platform for Forex investors. It involves multiple asset brokerage platform to it's client. eToro is a registered company in Cyprus, Israel and United Kingdom. It is a private company which was founded in 2006. It offers services like Online Forex trading, financial spread betting, CFDs and Copy Trading. Being a social trading platform eToro makes it easy for it's client to easy trade and copy trade.

eToro was founded as RetailFX by Yoni Assia and Ronen Assia with David Ring. It's head office is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The main motive for it's foundation was to make Forex or financial investment accessible to everyone through out the world. In it's early days eToro was a download only product which incorporated graphic trading visualizations with races between currencies. However, it  expanded launching web trading platform with easy to read and perform graphics indicating the ups and downs on rates of currencies, stocks and other commodities. After launching a brand new WEB TRADING platform eToro flourished more in 2010 when it launched OpenBook Social Investing Platform. Some features in eToro helped it get in top among other competitors like Tradeo, Zulu Trade and MQL5 Signal Service.

Later eToro expanded it's platform to android which made it easy to investors. The clients and investors now could easily trade or buy and sell stocks and currencies via mobile and smart phones. eToro gave access to it's investor in over 130 stock products and it also added Bitcoin CFD as it's investment instruments in 2014. eToro has over 3 million registered accounts. It is registered and authorized by the FCA in UK and NFA in United States.

eToro fetch the live stream of trading data.

stream of trading data. Users can easily easily see those data on eToro OpenBook platform. eToro allows its investors to watch all the financial trading data and activity of other users and copy them. A user can copy another user and make his/her own trade. User can further more share their ideas and posts to other users in eToro and other social trading platform. Mainly eToro focus in investments on instruments like currency pairs, Indices, Stocks, Bitcoins and other commodities.

Forex investment & trading  includes a huge loss of your capital if you are unaware about market structure. However, eToro defeats these loss somehow by offering a copy trade and social trading platform. Apart from other trading platforms eToro's platform is more user friendly and convenient to use. If you have no any previous experience about trading Forex and Stocks and Indices in online platform. eToro also provides you with a demo account where you can learn some useful skills and techniques about trading online. This demo account is facilitated with real time trading data from different markets. And it is very much similar to trading live. You can trade with the primary amount of $10,000 provided by eToro and learn the system and way to trade. Investing from your demo account you can get a little smart and invest in real time account. This was a quick review and wiki about eToro an online Forex and Stock brokerage platform. Reports and thread are found over internet about being a millionaire in one night using such Forex trading techniques. However, Forex and investment online might help you get richer but it's not guaranteed. We do not praise and or encourage any of our reader to invest in such trading platform and this article is just for knowledge base.

Quick Facts of eToro

Founded on 2006 A.D
Founders Yoni Assia, Ronen Assia and David Ring