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Skateboards and Surf boards are being very viral these days. Most people are going crazy from over globe in this sport. People even buy these longboards for occupying their free time having some fun with them. Most boards used for surfing and skating measures 84 to 150 centimeters which is 33 to 59 inches in length. However the width of these boards vary from person to person. Widths of 22.8 to 25.4 centimeters are much popular which measures 9.0 to 10.0 in inches. You can choose from several longboards shapes and sizes which includes pintails, swallowtails, flat-nose riders, drop-through decks, drop decks and standard skateboards.

These boards have different dimensions and wheels. Loangboards decks are usually made up of plywood, however bamboo is also used in some case. In some case it is a mixture of birch, bamboo, maple, oak wood and koa. You can find variety of longboards with different shapes and sizes. In some place these boards are also made in personal preferences. there are certain designs of boards that are available commercially. We will be briefing them below.

Drop Deck is a special type of board which has a lowered foot platform which sits below the height of the trucks. This makes the center of gravity low and enhances the stability but it minimizes the traction and maneuverability. These boards also provides you more leverage while you turn using these boards.This design of longboard are popular among girls especially.

Drop Through deign is another interesting design which has cutouts.

cutouts. These cutouts allows the truck to protrude through the board. You can improve your stability by lowering these board a little. You have a bad grip in drop through design. Turning is very difficult in this kinds of board.

Top Mount design is yet another interesting design. This designed boards are simple with no any dramatic bends in foot concave.  It is moreover like a street skateboard which has a high center of gravity. Stability is very low in these boards.

Apart from these boards there are different other flexible designs. This boards can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. You can make these boards more flexible and stable with a little knowledge of science and a professional help. Boards that are made of ply and woods are easy to customize but carbon fiber boards are very difficult to customize.

There is the practice of using carbon fiber and fiberglass with aluminum decks as it provides better strength than wood and other materials. Some very popular longboards that are in high demands are pintails, drop-through, hybrid, cruiser etc.

You can buy your desired longboards online too. There are wide variety of longboards for sale among them  some are cheap longboards, loaded longboards, globe longboards etc. Not only long boards but you can also browse wide variety of longboard parts online  like wheels, decks, stickers for long boards and many more. Please refer google to search online stores for your desired materials / parts for longboards or longboards themselves.