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No Bra Day Gossip Wiki

Breast cancer is something you should take care of and get checked. However, October 13th is widely recognized as No Bra Day in countries like United States, United Kingdom and France. Women are miracle to this world, and their breast is something that's magnificent. World can't be imagined without women or breast. Breast is the primary food supply to a child after his/her birth which helps them survive the wave of their early life. The trend of no bra day went so viral on social media after this movement was supposedly started in October 2012. It is gaining more popularity over social media platforms than in real life.

On twitter, in this particular day women are encouraged to go bra less and post their photo with hashtag #NoBraDay. Without bra means something like no bra but other wears in top and not naked on top, in case if you have misunderstood. However this has been a controversial day as many population have questioned if it really helps being awareness to breast cancer. Breast cancer has been most common type of cancer found excessively in countries like UK and US. A huge mass of 50,000 women were diagnosed with invasive Breast Cancer in year 2011. Not only women but any man can support this movement by wearing anything purple or with NNBD logo on it.

Breast cancer develops on breast from breast tissue. There are more than 18 types of breast cancer so far discovered and diagnosed.

discovered and diagnosed. Obesity, lack of physical exercise, drinking alcohol, hormone replacement therapy are some major risk factors which helps developing breast cancer. There are many noticeable symptoms and signs that helps you assure breast cancer. Feeling lump in breast are very common among these symptoms. Lumps around armpits and in breast indicated breast cancer. Beside feeling lump there are other factors that helps indicating breast cancer and they are nipple changing position, single breast size being large or small, swelling beneath the armpit e.t.c. However these symptoms should be assured by visiting a doctor as fewer than 20% of lumps are cancerous according to a recent survey.

Breast cancer among women has been a serious issue and encouraging women to show their bra-less chests in social media or public can't be the perfect awareness program to it. No Bra Day, however has been popular and followed by most women, this won't save anyone and better awareness programs should be brought out to raise awareness and save women. Taking cute and nice selfies without bra and posting it to twitter of facebook is just pretending to be aware.There are many criticism about this particular day and you will get on and on if search for it on social platforms such as twitter. If searched over internet you can feed yourself with numerious gossips in this topics and we hope you enjoyed it.