Singing bowl wiki, meditation in Nepal

Singing bowl wiki, meditation in Nepal

Nepal has been a very spiritual country since from very past of its origin. There are many different religions and rituals followed by people of Nepal. This country owns a very rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. You can find many singing bowl shops across the capital city "Kathmandu" of Nepal. Singing bowls are specifically used for meditative and medicinal purpose. It's believed that these singing bowls are blessed with the healing power. These singing bowls are given many names in different parts of globe. They are also known as Himalayan gongs, ring gongs, medicine bowls, healing bowls, Tibetan bowls or suzu gong. Though there are many names given to this marvelous healing bowls, they are thought to be very enchanted and sacred.

Singing bowls vibrates and produces the sound which is used to balance the spiritual energy inside human being. In Hinduism it is thought that “OM” is the primordial sound from which life begins and it is the source and the core of every living organism’s life. This “OM” originates from the vibration of these mystic singing bowls.  There are variations in usage of these singing bowls and it’s been brought in use on yoga, religious services, sound healing and for some other purposes. These bowls are usually made from seven different metals which include Tin, Zinc, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Iron and Copper. Moreover these bowls are used to balance the chakras inside a human body which stimulates a normal human being to raise his/her soul to higher consciousness.

to balance the chakras inside a human body which stimulates a normal human being to raise his/her soul to higher consciousness. Not only it stimulates our consciousness but also it helps our body to get relaxed and energize us being healed and harmonized.

While taking a close look in how it works, we found you need to find a matching frequency bowl according to your date of birth. As these frequencies are very natural part of who we are, every single person is thought to have a unique combination of harmonic frequencies. These harmonic frequencies can be activated by the frequency of singing bowl for the optimum health and well being.  These frequency transmitted by singing bowl to you helps turning the negative energy inside you into positive. These bowls are thought to absorb the positive energy from around your ruling planet and its sound wave decreases your stress and helps you to relax and reform. It helps recreation and balancing the chakras of body.

These meditation center and singing bowls are being source of attraction for tourists from all over globe in Nepal. Many tourists meditate using these singing bowls and some takes them home learning the procedure to use it. You are thought to be visiting twice and again once you have been gone through this sacred meditation process.To write us please visit the contact  tab in the navigation menu and fill up the form.