Diana Ross Wiki, Pregnant, Biography, The Supremes and Net Worth

Diana Ross Wiki, Pregnant, Biography, The Supremes and Net Worth

She was born at Hutzel Women's Hospital on March 26th, 1994 in Detroit. She was born as the second eldest child to her parents Ernestine Moten and Fred Ross. She is an American Singer, Actress, an occasional songwriter and producer too. She is famous as a founding member and a lead singer of the vocal group The Supremes in 1960's. She is none other than Diana Ernestine Earle Ross, most commonly known as Diana Ross.

The Supreme founded in 1960's was the most popular and successful vocal group or the decade. It is also successful as American best-selling girl group all time including America's most prefers vocal. It is believed that Ross rivaled the career of The Beatles in worldwide. Her contribution later helped many future African American R&B to find success in this field. Ross was just at her age of fifteen while she honed the Primetime sister group of male vocalist namely The Primes.  This group won Windsor, Ontario in 1960 and auditioned for Motown Records.

Ross efforts and labor for her career was very fruitful. She also served as a hair stylist, make-up artist, sean mistress and even costume designer. After recording their first song themselves in 1950's on Hitsville's studio. The Primettes made their first hits n 1963 "When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes". Ross was also assigned as a lead vocalist this year. Ross was now topping the charts with number-one hit singles with her group.  Soon their popularity went up from the limited audience to worldwide. Besides her musical career, Ross also was involved in film career starting from 1972 until 1999 doing movies such as Lady Sings the Blues, Mahogany and The Wiz. Ross missing you was all-time hit song among the audience.

hit song among the audience. She also has sung greatest hits like Diana Ross, Surrender, Touch me in the Morning, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, I Love You and Every Day is a New Day.

She, however, having a successful career could not have a successful married life. Ross has been married twice and she has altogether five children. Ross is rumored to be pregnant lately but this was proven to be false and just a part of Ross Gags. She getting involved in an affair with Motown CEO Berry Gordy was a hot topic of gossip lately on 1965. Their relation lasted several years and Ross also became pregnant. However, she married to Robert Ellis Silberstein and gave birth to her eldest child Rhonda. She has two more daughters with Robert. However, this couple got divorced in 1977. After divorce with three children, Ross moved to New York. She dated Gene Simmons the lead singer to band Kiss until 1983 from 1980. This relation did not turn to a wedding and Ross met her second husband Arne Naess Jr. in 1985. Naess is considered to be Ross only love of her life. After getting married in 1985 this couple finally divorced in 2000. She has altogether five children among which two sons are with Naess.

Ross has faced many ups and downs throughout her life. She has been arrested for DUI in 2002 in Tucson, Arizona. However, she has always remained favorite and a lovable character among us. She holds an estimated net worth of $250 million and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Fans and followers can find her on twitter and facebook to get track of her latest news and updates. For more detailed biography about Diana Ross you can always refer to Wikipedia and her wiki can be grabbed from different wiki sites found over the internet.