Geddy Lee Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend, Guitar and Net Worth

Geddy Lee Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend, Guitar and Net Worth

Geddy Lee Weinrib also known as Geddy Lee was born on July 29, 1953. Geddy Lee has the height of 5’10”. He is a musician, singer cum songwriter renowned as the lead vocalist and bassist of the rock band Rush. Lee joined Rush in September 1968, with his friend Alex Lifeson, replacing bassist Jeff Jones. Lee's first solo, My Favourite Headache, was launched in 2000.

Lee was born in Willowdale, Toronto, Canada to Morris Weinrib and Mary Weinrib. His parents were Jewish by ethnicity. They were the holocaust survivors from Poland who survived the ghetto war in their hometown, followed by their unfortunate imprisonment at Bergen-Belsen concentration camps during the war time. They were only 13 years old when the couple were imprisoned at Auschwitz camp.

Lee began playing in school when he was 9, and got his first guitar at the age of 14. In school, he first played drums and trumpet. However, playing instruments in school wasn't satisfying to him, and he also took piano lessons on his own. His interest upon music increased dramatically after he listened to some of the popular rock groups that included included Jack Bruce of Cream, Jeff Beck, John Entwistle of The Who and Procol Harum.

Just like Cream, Rush followed the power trio style with Lee playing bass as well as performing vocals. Lee's vocals produced a distinctive countertenor sound. Lee possessed an amazing total of three-octave vocal range, from baritone to tenor, alto and mezzo-soprano ranges, although the range has significantly decreased with his age. This range was used in the number "Working Man", from the group's debut album.

Man", from the group's debut album.  Lee's singing style combined with the band’s desire to play original material at high ranges limited their opportunities for six years.

After launching a number of albums and their increasing popularity, Rush's status as a rock band began to soar. The band's distinctiveness was multiplied when Lee began adding synthesizers in his music. It also gave him the opportunity to play bass at the same time, as he could play synthesizers with foot pedals. By the 1984 album named as “Grace Under Pressure”, Lee was surrounding himself with pile of keyboards on stage.

Lee married Nancy Young in 1976 and they are in a relationship until now. Many people question upon his sexuality and consider him gay because of his amazing high pitched voice. However, he is not gay. He and his wife have a son Julian, and a daughter Kyla. He previously dated his girlfriend Connie Hamzy in 1991 but it did not bring divorce or any heavy impact on Lee’s marital relationship. He is a wine collector, with a huge collection of 5,000 bottles. He takes annual trips to his beloved country France, where he dines on cheese and wine. In 2011, Grapes for Humanity, created the Geddy Lee Scholarship for winemaking students at Niagara College.

Lee is ranked 13th by the Hit Parader on “The 100 Greatest Heavy Metal vocalists of all time”. Lee was also voted the best rock bassist by He has a net worth of $30 million dollars. For more information regarding his biography you can visit different wiki sites in internet.