Yolandi Visser Bio, Affaris, Pregnant and Interview

Yolandi Visser Bio, Affaris, Pregnant and Interview

Anri du Toit better known by her performing name Yolandi Visser was born in March 3, 1984. Her nationality is South African and she is very popular for her voice in world. Her age can be calculated by her birth date. Her fans are mesmerized by her songs and her voice. She is a popular vocaliswho performs for rap group “Die Antwoord". She also has appeared in movies like "Umshini", "Tokoloshe" and "Chappie".

Yolandi has always wished to be a rapper from her childhood. She is also one of the most pupolar and most listened vocalist in South Africa. She has a unique way of presentation in her songs video. Her outfits in her music videos and her way of presenting herself have won hearts of much audience. Her career as a vocalist and musician started form 2001. Her songs are viral over web and mostly YouTube. Fans can listen her music and songs in https://soundcloud.com/dieantwoord-yolandi or in other music sites in internet. She has millions of likes and shares for her videos in YouTube. Hr popularity increased overnight after joining MaxNormal.tv, before she was the part of The Constructus. From this both group she sang as well as performed in numbers of music video and songs.

Yolandi outfit in her videos are very sexy and non of her fans can ignore her sexiness. After performing for The Constructus and MaxNormal.tv she was offered to join "Die Antwoord". She accepted the proposal from Die Antwoord and this group consist of Visser, Justin de Nobrega (DJ Hi-tek) and Watkin Tudor Jones (Known as Ninja). This music group was popular in youngsters and teenagers. All singers in this group were from different culters and has variation in their performance and songs. This uniqness leaded this group popularity in top rank among the audience. Their raps in Afrikaans and English both are popular,they mostly composed Zef music which was completely focused for the people of Cape Town.

which was completely focused for the people of Cape Town. Die Antwoord music’s can also be downloaded from their official site http://dieantwoord.com/ and fans can also find out more about their concerts and trips from here. Their album "$O$" was the most successful albums in South Africa and it was viral in web. Their promo video by name "Enter the Ninja" was also a hit and became very popular among audience.

Her latest movie is Chappie, which will be released very soon. Yolandi has an average height of 5 feet and 4 inches and her weight is 53 kg. She is engeged in long term relation with one of her band member Ninja. Ninja and she were very close from their childhood and she knows Ninja from her childhood. They haven't married yet but Yolandi was pregnant with his child in her womb. She gave birth to a cute little daughter. They have dedicated most of their songs to their daughter Sixteen Jones. It’s been believed that their relation has broken but no any official announcements were made in this issue. Many people and her fans believe the cause for their breakup might be Ninja's ill behaviors in the film stage of "Chappie". Her daughter has also played a video in "I Fink U".

Visser has a dashing personality and her hot body and sexy legs are awesome. She also can be seen showing her boobs and in underwear in some of her videos. Her trademark has always remained her white hair. She has done many concerts and they were broadcasted live from many internet channels. Fans can follow her in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well and gain information about her upcoming concerts, relationships and events. Her interviews and videos are widely available in YouTube. Her hot pictures in bikini and crazy wardrobe can also be found in web. For her full biography and wiki fans can visit biography sites like Wikipedia and IMDb.

Quick Facts of Yolandi Visser

Birth Date March 3, 1984
Nationality South African
Profession Vocalist
Works for Die Antwoord
Husband No (informal: Watkin tudor Jones)
Married No
Divorce N/A
Boyfriend N/A
Is Gay/Lesbian ? No
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $4 million (estimated)
Height 5 feet and 4 inches
Weight 53 kg
Children/Kids Sixteen Jones (daughter)
Body Measurements N/A
Movies played Umshini, Tokoloshe, Chappie