Rene Swette Bio, Wiki, Girlfriend or Married and Net Worth

Rene Swette Bio, Wiki, Girlfriend or Married and Net Worth

An Australian ice hockey champion who has proved his talent when he was young lad and played for the EC KAC in the Austrian ice hockey league for a season, the champion’s name is Rene Swette. Before switching to the Dresden ice lions into the DEL2 he used to play for the Ligagegner EHC Linz. In the 2009 and 2013, he twice won the Austrian championship with Corinthians. In international level he has played many games including the games of world championship.

Swette is said to have resumed his career early on. In his youth, he used to play for various youth teams of EHC Lustenau. He was a very talented player and used to be exceptionally good in various games. His talent made him gets quickly through in the fighting team. Around the 2005-2006 seasons, he reached the climax of his career at such a young age. Soon after, through his home club champion of the Nationaliga, he became the first goaltender.  The club is Austria's 2nd highest playing class. He was only seventeen years old. He completed his successful two years in the NL and signed a contract with EC KAC. He then switched to Erste Bank hockey league. He served over Hannes Enzenhofer and showed brilliant achievement

He had an injury, though he completed the season as a substitute goalkeeper behind fellow friend Travis Scott. He was in 2nd place behind Scott leading the goalkeeping statistics after Scott. Eventually, in 2009-10 seasons he finally rose to the first goalkeeper at the EC KAC.

first goalkeeper at the EC KAC. In 2013, he scored the best catch rate of the Austrian league and the best goal cut off the playoffs. He was on 227 in the list of assignments for the KAC. At the U20 World Championship 2007, he was chosen to the Junior National Team for the 1st time and was chosen again in a squad in 2008. At the 2008 World Cup, he scored his 1st Shutout in an international competition. On 10 April 2009, in the senior national team, Swette was in the squad playing over Russia but did not make it into the team of World Cup. He was part of the various international level games, World Cups of the top division 2011, 2013 , the World Cup of Division I 2014 and the Olympic qualification for the 2014 games and the winter games in Sochi, when he scored only three goals in the final game 4-1 loss to Russia in the two games 1st and 3rd. This made him clear the gap between the posts for player Bernhard Starkbaum.

Swett was born on 21 August 1988 on Lustenau, Austria. As of 2016, he is currently age 28 years old. His nationality is Austrian. Well, he has got two loving parents. The family resided in Austria; there is no info about his ethnicity. As of his current relationship status, he is currently single. He is not dating any girlfriend. He isn't married yet. He has maintained his profile low, so we can't access information about his net worth yet. To retrieve more info about him refer to his wiki, bio or through his interview.