Bret Baier Wife, Divorce, Weight Loss and salary

Bret Baier Wife, Divorce, Weight Loss and salary

William  Bret  Baier  a  well recognize  name in the  peoples mind  either through  TV  Channels or  through  political  situation of  the  country .  He  was  born  in the year 1970  on the 4th of  August   in  Rumson ,New Jersey .  He was raised in catholic   in  Dunwoody , Georgia . He is 46 years  old  young and  handsome  fellow  with  intelligent  mind  at  the moment. He  attends the  Holy Trinity  Church ,which  is located in  George Town .He  had graduated  from  a private Catholic  High  School  in Atlanta in 1988 .  In 1992  Bret  got  a BA  degree  in political  science   and  English .

Baier  began his  television  career  with  a local  station  in  Rockford ,Illinois.  Currently he is working for the Fox News Channel. He sent an  audition tape  to fox news  in 1998,  and  was hired  as the  networks  Atlanta  Bureau  Chief.  In 2007  he  was named  Fox New's  White  House  Correspondent , covering  the  administration  of  George  W.  Bush. He  was  used  as  the  substitution  for   Brit  Hume  for  special  reports  on Fridays . Later he hosted his first show on January 5, 2009. The  shows  covers  the  political  situation  in the country and conducts  discussion  between people regarding  those issue .  He earned appreciation more than any fame from his fans and followers. It  does not  mean  that  he didn’t earn money  , he has earn  money ,power and fame equally.  Annually  fox news  channel  pays him $7 million  us dollars  which boosts  his  net worth which  is  in million every year .

worth which  is  in million every year . His  shows  and  his speaking  power  has made  his  fans  attracted  towards him . Baier  is  a very tall man with a height of 5 feet 11  inches which also attracts   people  towards  him. Today in whatever position he is all by his hard work and dedication which he has done to be where he is now which worth him. He is liked to be see and listen both by his audience.

Baier   personal life  is quiet open as  like  a book  . After dating  Amy  Baier  for  many   years  , the  couple  got  married   and  are very  happy  with two  sons  named  as  Daniel Baier  and  Paul   Fracis  Baier . These  couple have to  face several  difficulties in their family life  as in 2008 one of their son  has to go through  Cardiac  problems and  had an open  heart  surgery  . These two couple  had always a understanding between  them which help them to face  all the  problems  . They are  each other’s  strength  and  there is no chance of divorce in their relationship  with the god grace ,as  former  President   George W  Bush  had helped him  to make his son recover soon by inviting  him to white house  and had his physician check bret's  son  and give  updates on the boy situation.

A lot of information can be further obtain about Bret’s  life through  social networking sites too . He  also  uses  Facebook  and Twitter  .He has millions of followers on Twitter and  Facebook which proves his popularity in audience .He  also shares his pictures  with his  fans in Instagram. Bret  always  appreciate  his fans  love and  respect. We wish him a good life ahead.