Chandra Wilson Wiki, Husband or Boyfriend and Net Worth

Chandra Wilson Wiki, Husband or Boyfriend and Net Worth

Wilson was born on 27 August in 1969. This makes her age 47 years old as of 2016. At this age, Wilson has been able to establish herself as a successful and established actress and has been able to achieve everything in her life she had ever dreamt of. Wilson was born in Houston in Texas which is located in the United States of America. As Wilson was born in America, her nationality is American. Similarly, her ethnicity is black.

Her mother used to work as a postal worker and she engaged Wilson in various activities other than school education. Wilson was taking dancing and acting lessons since her childhood and she was also engaged in modeling on Saturdays. When she was five years old, she started performing in Houston’s theatre. Wilson studied at High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and later studied at Tisch School of Arts with a BFA degree.

Wilson has performed in a lot of movies and tv shows till now. Wilson is best known for her performance as Dr. Miranda Bailey in the tv drama called Grey's Anatomy from 2005 till now. She made her first debut in New York in the year 1991 and has been landing various roles on several tv shows. Her first debut film role was in the movie Philadelphia which was released in 1993.

Wilson has always been a bold and confident woman. However, unlike other hot and sexy female celebrities, Wilson has not been seen in bikini and other exposing outfits. Wilson is slightly obese and this may be the main reason why she does not want to show off her body. She also has been facing some difficulty regarding her weight loss due to her short height. Wilson is a short woman. She has a height of 5 feet and 2 inches.


Other than her husband, Wilson has never been engaged in any affairs or dating any boyfriend. Wilson has been married for almost eighteen years now but the name of her husband is still unknown. Wilson was married with her husband in 1998. Wilson has been spotted a couple of times with her husband at red carpet but the name is still not known. Despite all the media and papparazi who go crazy behind celebrities, they have not been able to uncover the secret of Wilson. Wilson seems to be very personal about her marital life and does not seem to share much information about it. Wilson has altogether three children whose names are Serena, Joy and Michael. Her daughters were born on 1992 and 1994 respectively. However, her son Michael was born on 2005 after a ten year gap. Everything is going fine in their marital life and it does not seem like they would divorce each other in the future.

Wilson is also active in social networking sites like twitter, facebook and instagram. She has 3 thousand followers in twitter and has already tweeted about 7 hundred times till now. Wilson has uploaded a lot of pictures and videos in her twitter account. Similarly, Wilson is also active in instagram. She has a lot of followers and posts in instagram. Wilson has shared a lot of posts to her followers in instagram related to personal life.

Wilson has earned a lot throughout her acting career contributing her to an astounding net worth of $ 2 million US dollars sufficient to live a comfortable and luxurious life anyone can dream of. At this pace, Wilson is certainly going to have a greater net worth in the future. For more information regarding Wilson’s biography, you can visit several wiki sites in the internet or other sites like IMDb.