Corey Simms Wiki, Age, Married or Divorced and Net Worth

Corey Simms Wiki, Age, Married or Divorced and Net Worth

Corey Tyler Simms Bio

Corey Tyler Simms generally was known as Corey Simms was born on August 29th, 1989 in Elkview, West Virginia, United States. Jeff Simms is his father. He is currently 27 years old of age. He stands tall with the height of 6 feet. He is an American reality TV star and is popularly known for his appearance on MTV’s series, ‘Teen Mom 2’.

Looking forward to his bio further, he was first married to his girlfriend, Leah Messer, who is as a TV Personality, in 2009 and became the father of twin daughters, Aliannah  Hope Simms and Aleeah Grace Simms. After the birth of the twins, their relationship was pinched. Despite all of the drama surrounding Leah, Corey seems to be shown in a show good things. His issues always arise from being a father who loves his daughters. Corey and Leah later got separated in early 2010 and then again decided to reunite their relationship and got engaged in the same year. Later he found out that Messer cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, so they divorced in 2011. “I’d say it will be very hard for her to do all that. That’s why I’m trying my best to help her out in such a stressful time. Got to do what’s best for the babies.” said about the feeling of their divorce situation and her raising 3 kids alone. Further he said “Yeah well we have talked about this and the girls would be at school about the same amount of time I’m at work so there won’t be many issues on that”, when he was asked about the plan to take care of the girls when he is  at work most of the day.

asked about the plan to take care of the girls when he is  at work most of the day.

Relationship and Married Life

Later he got married to his second wife , Miranda Patterson. He met her in June of 2012 and they dated for several times as a lover and then they got engaged in December of the same year. Their wedding was successful and Miranda was pregnant and she gave a birth to a girl.  They are living together as husband and wife with one daughter,  Remington Monroe Simms who was born on 8th of  November, 2015.

Social Media Profile and Net Worth

From his bio, he seems to be an avid user of social media and he is neither the fan of winter nor grocery shopping. He shut down his Twitter account on the final day of Season six of Teen Mom 2. He is also direct and open in speech.  On one of his interview, he said that his favorite kind of cereal was ‘Captain Crunch berries’. He doesn’t seem to be earning more like other celebrities. He seems to be earning less than his ex-wife, Leah Messer during his role in Teen Mom in which Messer’s  estimated net worth was about $50 thousand. He has bought a new house in  West Virginia where he is currently living in. He has left the MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ as the TV Show is no more.

 To know more about Corey Simms’s bio,  you can follow him on Twitter (via @coreysimmsMTV) and on Instagram (@teamcorreysimms) and on facebook as Corey Simms.