Dawna Friesen Divorce, Husband, Salary and Net Worth

Dawna Friesen Divorce, Husband, Salary and Net Worth

Dawna Friesen well known as a Canadian television journalist, currently the chief anchor and executive editor of Global National was born on  8th October, year 1964 .  Which makes her 51 years old at the moment. She was born in a place called Winnipeg, in Manitoba, Canada. 

At this late age of 51, she has maintained herself very nicely and still managed herself to look very hot. Also the plus point is that, she has great legs which she flaunts with pride. Beside her modelistic figure, and having the perfect height about 5 feet 3 inches which is about 1.64 meters tall, she also has a wonderful heart and that she never gives up which had made her different from others. And also, this has made her one of the role model of many people. From the sources tells us that, she is currently living in Vancouver, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Adding the fact that, she is very popular in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter having about 10.4 k followers with the username (@DFriesenGlobal) and she uses them to address her current activities whether it is personal or professional to the fans. She also uploads her latest pictures on Instagram and shares them with her fans. According to sources, her net worth is estimated to be 2.5 million dollars. It proves that she is worth in the field of journalism. 

A lot of information about her and her biography is available in wiki sites like Wikipedia or wikiquicky or even you can search on google. 
Journalism is not an easy job. It requires a lot of courage to cover incident in areas which can be very dangerous with a determined hardwork. So, one of the main reasons behind her success is her guts to go into dangerous areas and provide coverage and report about the incidents that has occurred and is occurring no matter what happens. . At this late age, she is still continuing her work with the same dedication and passion which she put in 10 years ago and her work and still desire to do better which is quite complimenting. She got her degree from the Red River College and pursued her dream of becoming a journalist.

becoming a journalist. She has worked for big channels as anchor and has impressed everyone with her skill and hard work. She has worked as an anchor at CTV News Net from the year 1997 till the year 1999. She also joined the NBC News as a foreign correspondent in the year 1999 and left in the year 2010. From the sources, she is currently working at Global National as an anchor. Global National broadcasts is an English Language news program and is also a venture of Canada’s Global TV Network. So, she anchors world news in the Canadian news program in English language for the global audience. She is not only just an anchor at Global National, but also the chief anchor and as well as the executive editor. Her work reflects professionalism and perfection and it is not easy to get her fired as there is no one else like her, when it comes to broadcast journalism.

Also adding the fact that, for her hardwork, she has been awarded with an Emmy Award and a Gemini Award for her outstanding work as an anchor. So, people who have criticized her for a lack of professionalism in her work have been proven wrong by her. As she has reached the height of success in the field of journalism and is regarded as one of the best anchors in the world.

Talking about her personal life well it seems she has managed it well. After dating her boyfriend Tom Kennedy who is CTV journalist for some time and having an affair with him, she decided to get married to him. Then, the couple started living together as husband and wife. And we can say that, their relationship is very strong and there is very less chances of divorce to occur between them. Around year 2005 when she was age 40, she gave birth to their first child who was a son. So now, her son completes her small family.
However, she has had some problems in her family as her grandparents suffered from dementia. As a result, they were a part of group of patients called Dementia Canada. For this, both of her parents developed dementia, and in the year 2014 Friesen was also featured in a 16×9 program about dementia and how families cope with it.

Quick Facts of Dawna Friesen

Birth Date 8th October, 1964
Nationality Canadian